This Man Claims He’s a Time Traveler and That He Spent 2 Years in 2749 (11 Pics + VIDEO)

This is the story of what Al Bielek remembers from his 6 weeks spent in the year 2137 and 2 years in 2749 he spent with his brother. They claim their trip to the future was a part of Philadelphia Experiment.

1. The Montauk Project

The Montauk Project

Al Bielek and his brother Duncan were part of the Montauk Project, the secret project of the U.S. Government. It was developing psychological warfare techniques and other unusual research, including time travel.

2. The Boat That Took Them to the Future

The Boat That Took Them to the Future

USS Eldridge (DE-173) was the boat Al jumped off on August 13th, 1943, the date of the Philadelphia Experiment.

3. Medicine as We Now It – Totally Outdated

Medicine as We Now It - Totally Outdated

The medical system of the future used vibrational and light treatments. When Al arrived in 2749, he woke up in a hospital.

4. The Cities Were Not As We Know Them

The Cities Were Not As We Know Them

There were floating cities that could be moved to different parts of the planet. Some of them were 2,5 miles high, all thanks to years of research of antigravity.

5. No Reality TV

No Reality TV

Most of the TV programs were educational. People were highly practical and rational.

6. The World’s Population Was Extremely Reduced

The World's Population Was Extremely Reduced

Only 300 Million People lived in 2749. U.S. had around 50 million citizens.

7. Wars Were Long Gone

Wars Were Long Gone

There was a war between the Russians/Chinese and US/Europe. But in 2749, wars were impossible – there was no military, no soldiers, no navy, no air force.

8. Men Didn’t Run the World

Men Didn't Run the World

The Government was gone. The synthetic intelligence computer system ran everything, and it was built in the 26th century.

9. Socialism Was Working Out Perfectly for Everyone

Socialism Was Working Out Perfectly for Everyone

There was no need for money – everybody had their own “credits”, which would allow them to “buy” anything they wanted.

10. Pole Shifting Started Happening

Pole Shifting Started Happening

A pole reversal was stopped by an artificial pole structure that was specially designed to stop the collapse.

11. Climate Changes Caused Geographical Changes

Climate Changes Caused Geographical Changes

The coastlines of the continents were changed, the water level was much higher, and 2/3 of Florida was gone.

12. Check Out His Other Predictions in the Video Below:


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