New Moon In Cancer: A New Step Forward

new moon cancer

We are having a New Moon in Cancer on July 4th, 2016 which is the beginning of the 29.5 day Moon cycle. In astrological practice, we view New Moons as a new wave of energy happening as the Sun and Moon meet at the exact same point of the zodiac.

During the last month, we’ve have had some very significant planetary configurations, especially around the Full Moon, which have been helping us to facilitate an important transition. We may have been overwhelmed with everything going on, and potentially have had different aspects of our lives at odds with each other. However it has played out for you, the challenges we have faced are actually serving us well.

Now and in the coming weeks, it is time to take the next major step in the areas in our lives that have been affected by these planetary aspects and ultimately it is a new step forward in our overall personal growth and evolution.

New Moon In Cancer In An Harmonious Configuration With Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, And The Nodes

Cancer is about emotional connection and security. It is the sign of nurturing, family, comforts and our domestic life in general. Vulnerability is a key word for Cancer, however, ‘protecting vulnerability’ from others whom we don’t feel close enough with is also associated with this cancer-glyphsign. This is symbolized by the shell of the crab.

This New Moon is making mostly harmonious aspects. It is conjunct Mercury and Venus in the same sign, the planets of love and communication. It is also making a trine to Neptune in Pisces and a sextile to Jupiter and the North Node.

This upcoming month has a much easier flow between our emotional/spiritual needs and our physical duties, lifestyle, and overall health, whether they are separate from each other or integrated somehow. After the previous month of challenges and scatteredness, this upcoming lunar cycle is very healing, loving, and potentially uplifting.

New Moon With Venus/Mercury Is Opposite Pluto, Venus Is Square Uranus And Trine Mars Which Has Finished Its Retrograde

We have just finished a 2.5 month period of Mars retrograde which is now in Scorpio. During the week leading up to this New Moon, many people may have been feeling more angry and irritated which is a normal occurrence when Mars is changing motion.

This has been a time of adjusting how we work with the Mars energy which is connected to willpower, aggression, anger, sex and carnal desires. Starting this past June 29th, and in the weeks following, we are beginning to proceed forward in new ways of asserting ourselves in these Mars-ruled areas of our lives. It is also making a trine to Chiron, which has been a major player in recent months. This suggests a time of being able to more easily work with, or overcome, our wounds and convert them into forgotten or untapped strengths.

nm-can-2016-chartThe New Moon, along with Venus and Mercury, is in an opposition to Pluto. This can represent a time of purging what is necessary as a result of what has transpired in recent weeks or months. For some people this is a time to more easily deal with our hidden shadow aspects that have been suppressed and/or have come up recently. There may be some heavy emotions but considering all of the other aspects, there is great opportunity to achieve a new sense of joy as a result of the changes we are making.

Considering that Venus is in opposition to Pluto and square Uranus, some people are experiencing separations in relationships. For others this can manifest as a significant change in values, possessions, pleasures, love, and money in some cases. The Pluto theme of purging and transforming is very much at play in these areas which can open up new doors.

On the upside, Jupiter in Virgo is making an harmonious aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and the New Moon which are opposite each other. These aspects can have a positive effect on our duties, work, and careers and that may also come with financial benefits. Mars is forming a nice trine to Venus (in a grand trine with Chiron) which can also have positive financial implications and some people may even find themselves entering a relationship with a new lover.

Making Intentions For This New Moon

What have you been feeling in the recent weeks? What has transpired and what direction do you need to go in as a result? What is it that you need to purge in order to make room for the new coming into your life? These are examples of questions to be asking yourself when formulating your intentions for this month.

win-reading-ad-3The best time to make your intentions is within the first 24 hours after the New Moon but as close to the exact time as possible. It will be occurring at 11:01am Universal Time on July 4th. You can click here to find out the exact time for your location.









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