New Moon & Solar Eclipse On 1 September 2016 – This Is What We Should Expect

New Moon & Solar Eclipse On 1 September 2016 - This Is What We Should Expect

The New Moon Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo takes place on Thursday, September 1st, 4:03 AM Central Standard Time. It is an annular solar eclipse, meaning it will create the visible coronal ring (“ring of fire”) most people associate with eclipses. Like any new moon, a solar eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle.

This is where the solar eclipse will be mainly visible

New Moon & Solar Eclipse On 1 September 2016 - This Is What We Should Expect

Even though not everyone may be able to see the eclipse, its affects most definitely will hit you. It is a powerfully energy charged eclipse because this new moon will be in Virgo while Mercury is moving retrograde through Virgo as well. So it is expected to have a profound and meaningful impact on our lives.

Each and every person will experience some unique sort of change in their own personal way. For some of us the impact will be slight, for others life-altering, only time will reveal what the heavens have in store for us all. Here are some of the more significant ways in which the solar eclipse in Virgo may affect us:


During the eclipse different people will be affected in different ways. This mainly is up to the way that you will chose to feel and what will reflect from the universe. These are some of the ways the solar eclipse in Virgo may affect you:


During this period if you start to feel week or insecure and confused about overall situation it is better for you to start trying something new in order to overcome these feelings. Don’t get discouraged and have faith in yourself. Be positive!


For some of you this may be the perfect period of relaxation you have been waiting for. Even after the vacations you may still feel like you totally need some rest, this is mainly because only your body has rested and not your soul and mind. Instead of constantly being on the go or involved in a hundred different things, take your brake and use the energy of this event to rethink your position. Next you can start back your works one by one, now with a much more relaxed mind.


Be careful if this eclipse will cause on you anger and upset, or generally a “feel down” mood. Take extra precautions to remain conscious of what you say and do. Try to avoid too much contact with people and instead do some physically exhausting work. The gym is the perfect solution!


Don’t get too obsessed with details. Some of us may start to behave too much detail oriented this period and analyze deeply every situation like never before. This may bring you too much overload and will make you feel exhausted. Try to move away from overthinking and just go with the natural flow of the things


This will be the best event of the year for those people who will take the “be positive” road. This is a good chance to shift your life in a more enlightened phase, and much better, affect the ones around you with your joy and harmony. After all every event of the nature and the universe is in perfect harmony with itself. Do you feel yourself part of the universe? This is up to you!

Enjoy the eclipse and don’t forget to share with your close people!




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