October Full Hunter’s Moon In Taurus: The Calm Before The Storm

There is a calmness that occurs just before a storm is about to hit. The weather gets a bit warmer, the air gets a bit drier, and the wind quietens down so things can stabilize before the storm arises. This is the calm before the storm and perhaps Mother Nature’s way of protecting herself.


The October Full Moon falls on the 24th in the sign of Taurus. This earthy Full Moon is here to stabilize us, strengthen us, and help us to become aware of our triggers and our weak points, so we can find our calm whenever life brings a storm our way.

Sometimes when a storm enters our lives, we tend to be reactive, we tend to get defensive, or we tend to run and hide without facing up to what is in front of us.

Sometimes these storms catch us by surprise and we have to do what is best in the moment, but other times there are warning signs that tell us the situation we are about to enter is going to be tricky or challenging.

Whenever this happens, we have to pause, we have to find our calm before entering the storm, otherwise we are going to get blown away, and when we are in this powerless state, it is more natural for our ego to take control as a way to protect ourselves.


When the ego steps in, it becomes hard to really see the truth. Instead, the focus is on survival at any costs or any means, even if it means hurting someone or saying something you don’t really believe is true.

This Full Moon is not in the business of bringing any chaos or challenges our way, but what it is going to do is highlight where we need to develop calmness.

We all have triggers, we all have a combination of buttons that when pressed we can’t help but react from a state of lower consciousness. It happens to us all, and it can happen often unless we take note.

In fact, all it takes is a moment of awareness, and you can become the calm, even though the storm may surge around you.

October’s Full Moon will guide you to go within, to retreat, and to think about your calm. How often are you able to find this place in your day to day life? How often are you able to stay centered and in balance? How often are you able to surrender and allow things to take their natural course?



Answering these questions can only be done if you make the time to journey within. When you get there, and the answers emerge, keep pushing and ask not the Universe, not the Moon, but yourself, what you can do to maintain and increase this place of calm inside of you.

Full Moons have a way of enhancing things in our lives, and sometimes they allow us to see things with greater clarity than we could before. They allow us to see the truth of our ways, they allow us to see our triggers, and how we can forgive, do better, and rebuild areas of our lives that have been neglected.

The reality is that storms are always going to pass our way. We cannot escape them, we cannot always run and hide. Life brings storms, and we must be prepared to face them.

The more aligned with our truth, the more we believe in ourselves, the more we love ourselves, the greater chance we have of making it through.



We all have weaknesses, but we can strengthen other areas. We all have triggers, but we can learn how best to manage them. We all have questions, but we can learn to listen to the wisdom inside.

The Taurus energy surrounding this Full Moon wants us to find our stability, it wants us to find our calm, it wants us to rise up silent and strong, so we can withstand whatever chaos comes our way, whether it’s today, tomorrow, or next year.

This October Full Moon is going to highlight the need for calm, and remind us that when we are calm, we are strong, and this strength allows us to be tapped in on all levels, so we can react, respond, and receive on a higher vibrational level.

Staying in our calm also allows any negativity that may be sent our way to float on by and to leave us unscathed.

Even though storms can evoke a sense of fear and uncertainty, they can also be extremely cleansing and restorative.

After a storm passes, the Sun shines brighter, the rivers flow stronger, the grass looks greener, and the trees stand taller. There is a strength and a confidence that arises in the air. And just like Mother Earth looks lusher and fuller after a storm, so too will we.



Source : mysticalraven


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