October New Moon In Libra: The Cleansing Storm Is Upon Us

October brings a shift of energy and a chance to begin again, a chance to build upon what you already know. But first, the storm has to clear everything away.

New Moons are always about new beginnings and represent the start of a new cycle. While the October New Moon is no different, there is a sense that we have all been here once before. There is a sense that we need to go back to something, to look over something, or to make the foundation we have been walking on stronger.

There is a need to do something new and start something new, but to remember and to hold the knowledge of the past as we make this journey forward.

The October New Moon falls on the 8th in the sign of Libra. Libra is ruled by the element of air, and this New Moon will indeed, feel like a burst of fresh air that will wake up our senses and remind us of what is really important.

While this New Moon has a “new” feel to it, there is also a pattern emerging along with it. This pattern is the cycle, the cycle of your life and the steps on the path you have been traveling.

This cycle is your greatest lesson and holds the key to your current purpose. This cycle is your day to day, it is your month to month, and your year to year. This cycle is your path, and every time you make a loop, the path grows, it gets bigger, and you become wiser.

This New Moon is going to highlight the cycle we have all be traveling on, it is going to highlight the patterns in the journey we have been taking so far. Look around, what patterns do you notice?

Life is always speaking to us in the patterns and in the events that occur. Do the same things keep happening over and over? Do you constantly find yourself in the same position or surrounded by the same people?

If this resonates, know that this is your message, this is your pattern, and there is only one way through, and that is to become aware of it.

Breaking patterns is never easy. On one hand it is part of our destiny to fulfil and walk the path, and on the other hand, it can be very challenging to step away and think outside of all that you have known, but there is a way, and this New Moon is going to guide you there.

If you have been looking to get out of a rut, looking to redo areas of your life or just looking for a greater sense of purpose, this New Moon is going to help. This New Moon is going to deliver the secret sauce you need in order to break through and raise your journey to new heights.

This illumination won’t happen straight away, but if you pay attention, over the course of the next few weeks, you will be guided and supported.

October’s New Moon also falls just a few days after Venus, the planet of love, turns retrograde. Venus retrograde themes are going to display heavily around this New Moon and we may feel called to take charge of our relationships.

While Venus is all about love and our connections with others, this all really does start with us. We have to love ourselves, we have to connect with ourselves first before we can connect with others.

When we don’t love ourselves, how can we expect other people to? When we don’t connect with ourselves, how can we expect to connect and relate to others?

This New Moon is going to amplify the work of Venus, and together these two celestial bodies are going to encourage us to love ourselves more, uncover the truth more, and to pay attention to the cycles, patterns, and events of our lives.

As above, so below. These are the famous words that make up the entire foundation of astrology. The shapes, angles, and patterns the stars make are mirrored in your being, which is why we can turn to the cosmos, and to the life around us, for guidance on what we need to focus on.

Look around you, what do you see?

Life is not supposed to be perfect or rosy. We are not really supposed to live in abundance and positivity all the time. We are here to experience shades and dimensions. We are here to experience all sorts of earthly states.

So look around but don’t judge. Don’t even wish for things to be better. Just look around and observe that this is where you are right now, and it is perfect, and special, and your greatest teacher.

You can of course, inspire to change and desire to change, and think about ways to break through, but it all begins with awareness and acceptance. It all begins with gratitude, and then from this state, the next stepping stones will appear.

Ask this New Moon for guidance, ask the vibes of the Libra New Moon to light your way, and show you your purpose which is buried in the cycle that is currently playing out all around you.

Your purpose is to be you, and to find purpose in whatever is unfolding for your right now. Feel that, be that, and the airy Libra skies will open up for you and show you a way to a new freedom.


Source: foreverconscious


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