Which Past Life Relationship Issues Are Affecting Your Current Love Life?

Which-Past-Life-Relationship-Issues-Are-Affecting-Your-Current-Love-Life.jpgIf you are experiencing the same repetitive patterns in relationships, it might have something to do with your past life issues.

Many of our personality challenges stem from past life experiences and these challenges may still need more healing and understanding for the soul to be complete in that area.

It may bring you peace to know that these common themes are still present in your life even though you’ve done your best to work through them because your soul has chosen to grow from these experiences.

Just because there is a repetitive theme in your life, it doesn’t mean you will suffer and not be able to breathe easy in these areas during your lifetime. The deeper understanding you have of self, the easier it will be for you to deal with these challenges as they arise.

If you are experiencing the same repetitive patterns in relationships, it might have something to do with your past life issues. Let’s see what your current love life situations need to be resolved. All you have to do is choose the heart that is most appealing to you, then read your message below:

If you chose 1: Trusting Others

If-you-chose-1-Trusting-Others.jpgIn a previous life, you were lied to and taken advantage of frequently to the point that you were living in poverty after being successful and wealthy.

The people around you took advantage of your good nature and in the end, you were left with virtually nothing. In the present day time, it is difficult for you to trust others and believing that they are honest.

This has possibly caused you to be suspicious of many different relationship situations leaving you questioning what everyone’s motives truly are.

While it is wise to not believe everything you hear, there does come a time when being too suspicious is unhealthy and you may become a hermit.

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A suggestion for working through this relationship challenge would be to not make judgment calls right away labeling whether something or someone is to be trusted or not. Give the situation a little bit of time and allow it to play out on its own.


If you chose 2: Boundaries

If-you-chose-2-Boundaries.jpgEver notice that people seem to push the envelope and take more than what was agreed upon with you?

One of your relationship challenges is learning how to remain strong in your opinions, promises to yourself and learning how to say “no” when you mean no.

In a past life, you were so hungry for approval that you said yes to everyone and lost your identity because you wanted so badly to fit in with everyone everywhere.

The challenge is that not everyone is going to like you when you establish your boundaries, yet it is important to do so, otherwise, you’ll be exhausted trying to please everyone and sacrificing your well-being in the meantime.

Stick to your guns and over time, you won’t feel as guilty saying “no” and will much more at peace as you do so.


If you chose 3: Fear of Moving On

If-you-chose-3-Fear-of-Moving-O.jpgIn this lifetime, you struggle with cutting ties with toxic people and situations. This struggle stems from a previous life where people were taken out of your life without notice ~ death, illness, military, adultery etc.

In this other life, you were lonely because those people that you were close with were taken away too soon. In this lifetime, there will not be a shortage of healthy, loving and balanced relationships, so it’s okay to move on from the chaos and toxicity.

Having the belief that this is as good as it’s going to get is something that you will have to work on.

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If you are not happy, then it is best to take yourself out of an unhealthy situation and give yourself time to heal and then open your heart because there are plenty of joyful relationships waiting for you on the other side.


Source: mysticalraven



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