Pay Attention To These 5 Sacred Signs In Urban Life

Pay-Attention-To-These-5-Sacred-Signs-In-Urban-Life-.jpgAt one time or another, we have all wondered if the bird at the window or the coins that we continually find are more than random circumstance. 
However, all too often we limit our awareness of sacred signs to the natural world.

While we may become aware of a message within the formation of a cloud, a feather or butterfly landing on our path, sacred signs and messages can also manifest through inanimate objects and things.

Everything and anything in our environment can be used by a higher power and presence as a messenger. All things can reveal guidance from the unseen. 

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If you live in a more urban or residential area where your contact with nature is limited, a higher presence and power is still present. The universe is both chatty and clever and has unlimited ways of communicating with us.

Here are a few sacred signs that we might encounter in our everyday environment and their possible meaning.


Sacred Signs #1 – Windows Being Cleaned

Windows-Being-Cleaned.jpgSeeing windows being cleaned on a building can indicate a need to achieve clarity about ourselves and a situation, especially as it relates to our career, life purpose or activity with others.

We may not be perceiving our true gifts and abilities. Take some time to focus on what you truly want and be true to yourself. The cleaning of windows may also indicate that we may not see another or a situation objectively; a sign of clouded perception.


Sacred Signs #2 – Balloons

Pay-Attention-To-These-5-Sacred-Signs-In-Urban-Life-balloon.jpgEncountering balloons may be a message to enjoy and celebrate the small things in life with a child like sense of wonder.

They may also be telling us to shed our worries and stress and rise above the troubling and mundane ups and downs of life. Happiness and good news is coming your way.


Sacred Signs #3 – Workers on A Telephone Pole

Pay-Attention-To-These-5-Sacred-Signs-In-Urban-Life-telephone-pole.jpgEncountering work happening on a cable or telephone pole may be a sign of communication and the ability to understand and engage with others.

This may be a message telling us that we have the innate ability to influence and impact others. It might also be

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message encouraging us to reach out and expand our friendships or increase networking opportunities.

If you have been wondering whether to contact someone, this is a Yes sign.


Sacred Signs #4 – Grand Opening

Pay-Attention-To-These-5-Sacred-Signs-In-Urban-Life-grand-opening.jpgNoticing a grand opening sign is a message of transformation and emergence. A new you is unfolding and awaits expression. It is time for your authentic self to step out into the world and share your unique and special gifts.


Sacred Signs #5 – Moving Van

moving-vanEncountering a moving van is a sign that it is time to make a drastic change. This may have to do with our goals, desires, career or health or a relationship. This may also be a sign to change our perspective, or view of reality.

Let go of the beliefs and thoughts that may be limiting and hindering our progress. If you are thinking of moving or selling a home, this is a positive sign.


Messages from a Higher Presence

While all things can convey a message from a higher presence and power, it is important to listen within. This can verify whether or not what we encounter is truly a sacred sign.

The universe always responds to a request. If you have recently looked to the heavens for comfort or guidance, pay attention to the meaningful encounters or synchronicities that unexpectedly come your way.

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When we have a decision or choice to make or are experiencing a challenge in areas such as career, finances and relationships, sacred signs are more prevalent. 

In addition, if you happen upon something that seems to draw your attention or perk your interest when you are missing or thinking of another who has passed over, this may be a sign from him or her.


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