Your Personal Year Number for 2017 and the Energy it Brings for You

Your Personal Year Number for 2017 and the Energy it Brings for You

2017 holds the vibration of new beginnings and fresh starts. In numerology, 2017 is a number 1 year and the start of a new 9 year cycle.

As we enter the start of this new cycle, we are all going to be given opportunities to plant seeds and manifest what energies we want to play and work with. This is a magical time and also a powerful time that will allow us to set the stage of what we want to manifest.

2017 is the perfect time to make goals, set new boundaries and to do things differently. It is also the time to embrace the new and to finally do away with the old, outdated beliefs and attitudes that we have been processing.

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Doing things differently will be a theme for this year and perhaps you will be guided to approach your life from a whole new perspective. 2017 will also encourage us to start new things and perhaps pick up new hobbies or find new skills that we didn’t know we had.

If you have wanted to try something, experiment with something or test out something, 2017 would also be the perfect energy to do this under. This is the perfect time to dream big and to really start laying down a foundation and groundwork for what you want.

Even though 2017 holds this bigger picture number 1 energy, on a personal level we are all going through our own soul journeys and energy.

According to numerology, you can determine your personal year number and discover what energy you will be working with in 2017 on an individual level.


Working out Your Personal Year Number

Working out Your Personal Year Number

Birthdate Example: December 29

Reduce the numbers down to single digits by adding the numbers together

12 (month) becomes: 1+2=3

29 (day) becomes: 2+9=11 and 1+1=2

Then add these two numbers together to get:


You then want to add this number to 1 (as 2017 is a number 1 year)


(Reduce your number down if you get double digits)

This gives you a personal number of 6

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Basically, you are breaking down your month and day of birth into single digits and then adding it to 1 in order to get your personal number for 2017.


Got your personal year number for 2017? Here is what it means:

personal year number what it means


Personal Year Number 1 

This is going to be a big year of new beginnings for you! All of the energy of “new beginnings” is going to be amplified for you and you are definitely going to be called to reinvent your life in some way. You may start a new job, move or do something new and exciting that you have always wanted to do.

personal-year-number-what-it-means-1This is definitely going to be a year of self discovery, so embrace yourself and don’t be afraid to travel deeper into your soul in order to work out who you really are and what your purpose is.

New beginnings can take some time to get used to, but know that you are just at the start of your journey. There are going to be a lot of opportunities unfolding for you this year, so be open to receiving all of your many blessings.


Personal Year Number 2

The time has come for you to think about laying some solid foundations and boundaries. You have worked very hard and this year, life is going to be opening a lot of doors for you.

personal-year-number-what-it-means-2This is going to be a year of abundance for you, not just financially but in all areas of your life. Whatever you are attracting into your life may be amplified, so really work on lifting your vibration and creating a positive inner and outer world.

You may also be drawn to create boundaries with people this year and to clear unnecessary stress and clutter from your life. It is also going to be important for you to stand you ground and to do things that you truly believe in.


Personal Year Number 3

This is a year of self expression for you. The time has come for you to express yourself and your truth authentically. The time has come for you to stand up about how you really feel and learn how to assert yourself in a conscious way.

personal-year-number-what-it-means-3The Universe may also present opportunities for you this year to work on your feelings of self esteem. If you have low self esteem or low self confidence, this would be the year to take proactive steps towards loving yourself and raising your vibration.

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Writing, journalling and singing are all going to be great practices for you this year and may help to fuel your creative fire.


Personal Year Number 4

Family is going to be a theme for you this year. Perhaps you will be starting your own family or your feelings of wanting to be around family may grow stronger. Family is whatever it means to you, so you may also be reworking your idea about family this year as well.

Your home and feelings of being “home” may also arise for you this year, and you may feel drawn to move or create a new space for yourself.

personal-year-number-what-it-means-4Surrounding your home with loving, positive vibes maybe important to you this year and you may even feel drawn to radically change your decor in order to reflect your inner state.

This is also going to be a year of self reflection for you. Perhaps you may enjoy spending time at home, or perhaps you will feel drawn to taking a quieter and more relaxed approach to your life.


Personal Year Number 5

This year is going to be filled with creative energy and you are going to be feeling driven to go after your dreams and goals. Whatever you have been working on in the last few years may suddenly melt away or rise up to be everything you have every dreamed of.

personal-year-number-what-it-means-5Goals and dreams may be up for evaluation or you may even find that you need to readdress or rework how you have been approaching your life.

If you are single, this would also be a year of fun loving romance! Definitely circulate and get yourself out there because you are likely to meet someone that opens your heart.


Personal Year Number 6

This is a year of health and well being for you. If you have neglected your physical body or diet this year is going to be the time to get back on track. Essentially, this is a year for you to really practice learning how to love yourself and how to put yourself before others.

personal-year-number-what-it-means-6Picking up a new workout regime or trying a new diet that resonates with your soul may be beneficial for you this year. You may also have to practice setting healthy boundaries and learning how to say No to things that drain your energy.

Getting adequate sleep is also going to be important for you this year as is adopting a good spiritual hygiene routine. Protecting your energy, your mind and your body are going to be focuses for you this year.


Personal Year Number 7

This is a powerful year for you and it is likely you may experience many life changes. You may get married, start a new job, buy a house or perhaps take on a new level of responsibility in your life. In many ways, this is a year for you to step up and take more control back in your life in whatever way feels right to you.

personal-year-number-what-it-means-7This is also a year of great spiritual development and awakening. If you have wanted to delve into your spiritual side or learn more about healing, energy or all things metaphysical, this would be the perfect year to start.

You may also feel drawn to expand your social circle or network with a new crowd of people. In terms of your career, networking may bring many benefits.


Personal Year Number 8 

This is a year of transformation for you. You will feel called to change and almost reinvent yourself from the inside out. Perhaps old emotions will bubble to the surface in order to be cleared and cleansed. You may also feel called to look at things differently or to view your life through a different lens.

personal-year-number-what-it-means-8Through this transformative process, your energy will be extremely magnetic and sensitive. You may start feeling energies and your ability to manifest will also be high. This is in fact a very lucky time for you, if you can learn how to master your energy and the energy around you.

Your highest dreams and wishes may be changing this year, but you also have the creative power to manifest whatever it is that you desire to help you forward.


Personal Year Number 9

Nine is a powerful number that holds the vibration of endings. You may have already felt this energy brewing in 2016, and now you are going to be able to take it to a deeper level. While there will be opportunities for new beginnings as well, this year is going to be about clearing the old for the new.

personal-year-number-what-it-means-9Keeping an open mind will help and will guide you to understanding what needs to be released and what needs to stay in order to reach your highest potential.

You may also feel the desire to travel this year, or to discover yourself on a deeper level through learning, reading or taking a new class.

This is going to be a powerful year for you, but all of your hard work is definitely going to pay off and will help you shift into bigger, brighter and better things.


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