Pick A Crown To Reveal Its Secret Meaning For Your Future


Which picture out of a group catches your attention can reveal a lot about your personality and life.

For example, you can learn a lot about your strengths and future by letting your subconscious guide you to your favorite crown of the set below.

What will your chosen crown reveal about a secret meaning for your future?


#1 – If you chose The Crown of Aphrodite ~ Love is in your future

You are a very passionate person who is drawn into people that you have never met before. You have a very simple outlook on life, whatever happens, happens and you just go with it.

You value your independence and enjoy being able to travel and explore as much as you choose. Your future will be full of loving new people, new places, and new experiences.

#2 – If you chose The Crown of The Druids ~ Learning is in your future

You live by the mantra that no matter what age you are, learning is a lifelong process that never stops. You are full of interesting facts and wisdom and people come to you when they are looking for answers.

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You enjoy being able to spread your knowledge and wisdom to people within your community and you enjoy being able to teach. Your future will be heavy in learning and teaching.


#3 – If you chose The Crown of Royalty ~ Success is in your future

You are a very ambitious person that always has success in your vision. You have big goals and aspirations for yourself and you won’t stop until you’ve achieved everything you want.

You surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and you leave behind those who are unwilling to contribute to your success.

For the future, you can expect to work hard but also be rewarded with a lot of success and many of your dreams coming true.

#4 – If you chose The Crown of The Triple Goddess ~ Deep connections are in your future

You are the type of person who can talk to almost anyone, but you have a hard time actually connecting with people. You feel as if you can always sense other people’s motives which can leave you feeling as if you cannot trust.

You can use your abilities to sense others energy and motives to create meaningful relationships. In the future, you will be able to form the deep connections you so badly crave.


#5- If you chose The Crown of Eros ~ Relationships are in your future

In the past, you have put a lot of effort into many things, however creating new relationships with partners and friends have not been one of those things.

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You are a loving person who loves to form new bonds and create lasting friendships and relationships with others. Your future will consist of you forming new, lasting relationships with others that fulfill you.


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