Pick a Symbol to Reveal Your Spirit Message

Pick-a-Symbol-to-Reveal-Your-Spirit-Message.jpgSet your intention and then pick which one symbol (1 – 6) stands out to you the most. Go with your first instincts. See what your message is below:


If you picked 1:

This is a sign from the Universe that all you need to do has been done and now you can sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

The Universe wants to thank you for being you and for spreading the message of consciousness to others. You are a true spiritual teacher who has guided many and now it is your turn to be bestowed a gift.

Of course, this gift is not materialistic, it is far better than that. It is the gift of knowing. You are now granted the gift to know that life is beautiful, and everything is here to allow you to grow, teach and love.

It is no good and bad or right or wrong, there just is. You have been doing a lot of growth recently and now the time is to pass it on.

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Reach out to a friend in need, write a blog, plant a tree, communicate your lessons to the world for no other reason other than to help expand conscious awareness.


If you picked 2:

It is time to connect. To connect to those around you, to connect to your self and to connect to nature. You are not alone, you are part of the great web of the Universe and you must remember that everyone, everything- plant, animal or otherwise is connected by a greater force.

You can feel it, sometimes you can even see it, but now it’s time to put it into practice. Remove the mask you have been wearing and allow yourself to make a real, true connection.

Start with yourself and then explode outwards. Connect with plants, animals and then finally, you will be ready to make a real connection with others.

If you are having relationship problems or issues at work, chances are all you need to do is connect. Try seeing things from their point of view. Step out of your ego, into consciousness and ask, how can I connect to this situation to bring about the highest good?


If you picked 3:

You have been working hard and now its time for you to play, rest and relax! Take some time out of your day to enjoy the sunshine and rekindle your inner child.

Do something spontaneous, or plan an adventure or overseas trip. You have much to learn from taking time out of your day to do something that is just completely pleasurable.

Feel no guilt because this is what life is all about! Reward your body with some clean, organic food, reward your mind with some fun stimulation and reward your heart with the joy of your friends and family.

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Often we forget the power of a smile and the power of laughter. No matter what your external situation is, remember that finding joy in everything can do a world of good for you and the rest of the world.


If you picked 4:

You are focused too much on the external rather than looking within. Deep within your heart lies the answers to all your questions but unless you still your mind, how can you hear them?

Your head is full of clutter and your mind is confused, clear the thoughts on your plate for just a moment and looks within.

Mediate, go for a walk, calm your mind and reconnect with the Divine. Spirit is asking you to look for answers within instead of looking for external clues or signs.

The time is now to become in sync with the Universe and all that it holds for you and the only way you can do this is by reflecting within. Monitor your thoughts today but try not to engage or judge them, get back to your core self and be conscious of when your ego is at play.


If you picked 5:

Boundaries are not a bad thing if they are constructed consciously and with guided intention. It is time for you to put some of these boundaries in place because too much of you are scattered!

By having clear boundaries, you give your life a little structure and guidance which is exactly what you need to focus on right now.

You need to focus on taking responsibility for things that are not going to plan and to stop spreading your time and energy amongst people and situations that are no longer serving your higher purpose.

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Its time to take inventory, as daunting as it all sounds, it will be your biggest ally right now. It is also the perfect time to clear out the house to reduce clutter.


If you picked 6:

It’s time to just let it all go, and give your trust to the universe. Instead of trying to fight against what is, simply take a step back and allow yourself to go with the rhythm and flow of life.


You are being called on now to stop pushing your way forward and to accept the present moment and what is.

Your next step will be revealed to you when you are calm, still and focused on your true intention. Avoid making any hasty decisions, meditate and allow the stillness to guide you.


Source: foreverconscious


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