Select One Golden Ratio Design To See What This Upcoming Week Holds For You


Psychic messages that provide insight into future events can help us to be more understanding when challenges and blessings occur in our lives.

When we have the deeper knowledge as to why things are happening, we are able to grasp the spiritual reason as to why our lives look and feel a certain way.


Are you ready to see what the upcoming week holds for you? If so, select the photo that is calling to you.

1. The advice for you this week is to stick to the facts rather than allow your emotions to overpower your reasoning abilities.

You will have much more clarity by reviewing the actual events and data rather than adding your personal perspective and feelings to each situation.

Yes, our emotions are important and how we feel about different situations, however, for the next week or so it is best to stick to the actual facts rather than get caught up in an emotional tug of war.

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P.S. Also be careful to not allow yourself to be too influenced by other people’s reactions.

2. Congratulations! You have mastered and overcome an emotional trigger that used to derail you, cause you to spiral, and go to that deep dark place that you are not comfortable being in.

You have moved into a place of emotional maturity that has been achieved through both inner and outer self-work, blood, sweat, tears, and overcoming the negative ego.

Now don’t be surprised if that button from your “emotional triggers past” comes up again. It is surfacing again for you so that you can change the story of how you react by applying your new coping mechanisms to the current situation.

3. Your Higher Self has many messages for you at this time. If you have not been setting aside time for inner contemplation, then do so.

If you already have been setting aside time, then you may need to increase this quiet time to connect.

The information that is available to you as downloadable guidance and wisdom and may only be retrievable for a short window of time.

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Be sure to keep a pen and paper handy to make notes during this time for spirit sometimes communicates to us through symbols and random messages.


Source: mysticalraven


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