September is a Power Month According to Numerology


In astrology, we consider September to be a turning point month as we are in the 6th zodiac sign or halfway through the cycle of 12 zodiacs.

September also brings an Equinox, that heralds that start of a new season, and the start of a new cycle of energy for everyone.

In numerology, September is also a highly important month as it holds the vibration of number 9. Whenever you add 9 to a number, it always breaks down to the same number that you started with.

This means that in Numerology, September is the only month of the year where everyone experiences their Personal Year Number during the month.

To put it simply-


September is the only month of the year where the energies of what we are supposed to learn throughout the year are intensified and brought clearly to the surface.

According to numerology, the energies of September help you to come face to face with the lessons, gifts and challenges of your Personal Year Number. This is so you can start wrapping things up in order to prepare for the new year.

You can calculate your Personal Year Number here and read what lessons you are working through this year, but here are some more insights on what September 2018 energy will bring-


Working out Your Personal Year Number

Birthdate Example: December 29

Reduce the numbers down to single digits by adding the numbers together

12 (month) becomes: 1+2=3

29 (day) becomes: 2+9=11 and 1+1=2

Then add these two numbers together to get:


You then want to add this number to 1 (as 2017 is a number 1 year)


(Reduce your number down if you get double digits)

This gives you a personal number of 6

Basically, you are breaking down your month and day of birth into single digits and then adding it to 1 in order to get your personal number for 2018.


Number 1

It has definitely been a year of new beginnings and changes for you and it is likely that your life has taken on a completely new direction. This is a year of really allowing your originality and true self to shine, and it’s important not to back down now.

Keep trusting your own instincts and don’t be tempted to follow the crowd. You may have had to do some soul searching this year, but September is likely to bring more insights to the surface.

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Keep taking small steps forward on the path that feels good and you will make progress. September will be a good month for your career, so aim high.


Number 2

This has been a year of duality for you. Perhaps you have felt confused about what you want, or perhaps you have been searching for a partner either in life or in business.

If you are looking to meet someone special or even forge new friendships, this would be the perfect month to put any plans into action.

This will be a very social month for you and it is likely you may make some significant connections if you mingle and network.

If you have felt pulled in many directions this year, particularly in matters of love or relationships, this would also be the perfect time to slow things down and go within to work out what you really want.


Number 3

You are being called to really learn how to express yourself and to communicate your thoughts and ideas in a clear way. If there has been something on your chest or pent-up emotions, this would be the perfect time to work on releasing them.

The energies of September will really be supporting you to let things go and to clear out any old emotions that are no longer serving you.

This is also a highly creative month and is the perfect time to start new projects or to get ahead in your career. If you have felt the need to travel or even take a retreat somewhere, this would also be the perfect time to put some plans into action.


Number 4

This is a year to wrap up loose ends, especially when it comes to matters within the home and family. September may be the perfect month to heal old family wounds or to create some healthy boundaries if you feel you are being taken advantage of.

It is also a good time to organize your home environment and to manage any maintenance or repairs that need attending.

It is likely this year has brought a lot of changes for you and the energy of this month is really going to guide you to deal with any lingering emotions, especially to do with your family or childhood.

September is also a great time to decorate or redesign your home so you can bring in a more loving and peaceful energy.


Number 5

Many of your attitudes or beliefs may have shifted this year and perhaps you are still in the process of working out what is next. September is a highly creative month for you and the perfect time to think outside the box and do things a little differently.

In fact, sometimes shaking up your routine or finding a new way to do things can inspire you to learn new things and see things in a new light.

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Your perception is heightened this month, so keep an open mind and see what flows in. Meditation, journaling or even creative activities would be beneficial this month and would help you to channel any excess or stagnant energy.

September may also bring new love into your life, so if you are wanting to meet someone definitely put yourself out there.


Number 6

This has been a year of rest and rejuvenation for you. If issues surrounding your wellbeing have arisen, it is perhaps a sign that you need to slow down and reevaluate your intentions before moving forward.

Even though there is a lot of “change” in the air, this is really a time for you to reflect and enjoy what you currently have in your life. Give yourself permission to take a back seat and just enjoy the flow and direction of your life.

If challenges have come up for you this year, don’t be in a hurry to have everything figured out just yet. Try instead to relax and surrender, as things will have a way of working out in time.

September is also the perfect month to do things for your mind, body, and spirit such as energy healing practices, meditation or yoga and so on.


Number 7

This has been an energetic year for you and it is likely that you have been very busy! If you are looking to make progress in your career September would be a great month to put your plans into action.

It would also be a good time to seek a new position if you are looking for a change. You may have also experienced a spiritual awakening of sorts this year and the energy of September may be highlighting this for you.

You may feel extra sensitive or you may even find that you are having vivid dreams or intuitive insights. While your external life has been busy, just be sure you also make the time to go within and take care of your inner needs as well.


Number 8

This has been a very important year for you and it is likely that you have gained a new understanding of your power and your potential.

You may have discovered new talents or even gained further insight into the path that you want to travel. September is a wonderful month to learn new things and to keep owning your personal power.

If something has been bothering you, this is the perfect time to also stand up for yourself and make your opinions heard.

With great power comes great responsibility, so you may even find that you need to start creating boundaries or taking ownership of your life in a whole new way. September is also a good time to get your finances in order.


Number 9


This has been a rollercoaster year for you, on one hand, you are being called to welcome in the new but on the other, you have been asked to clear out the old!

This duality has most likely been confusing at times and perhaps you are not even sure what is coming or going! September may deliver more of this energy, however, things are going to get smoother moving forward.

When it feels like life is pulling you in all directions, the best thing to do is to find your stillness and trust that you will be lead in the right direction.

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This month, try to give up control or any stresses and worries about the future and surrender to the present moment.

Keep your focus on the here and now and just focus on taking small steps forward. Things will be clearer in time, int he meantime just sit back and enjoy the ride.


Via ForeverConscious


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