Which Side Of Your Brain Is More Dominant?



Do you have a logical mind or are you more imaginative?

Left-brain dominant people tend to lean toward logical and organized thinking while the right-brain dominant people naturally lean toward creativity, imagination, and artistry. 

Author and playright, E.E. Smith shared her thoughts in Psychology Today and thankfully discovered that we, in fact, are most likely utilizing both sides of our brain equally!

 For example, a left-brain person may be really good at math and problem solving but use the right-side of the brain to creatively find the answers to solve the problems.  

The idea that we either work from one side of the brain or the other has been debunked!  Author Jeff Anderson explained this from a recent study, “It’s absolutely true that some brain functions occur in one or the other side of the brain.  Language tends to be on the left, attention more on the right. 

But people don’t tend to have a stronger left – or right-sided brain network.  It seems to be determined more connection by connection.”

Even with recent research debunking this theory of you working from one or the other side of the brain…the popularity of the theory continues.  The old theory goes something like this…

RIGHT BRAIN DOMINANCE:  Expressive and creative with abilities to be able to recognize faces, express emotions, and intuitive. 

LEFT BRAIN DOMINANCE: Adept at tasks and logical with abilities in analytical thinking, numbers and reasoning.

Perhaps this is a little over-generalized, but more important (I think) is that you know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can develop in better ways which will help you understand how you learn and process the world around you. 

This fun quiz may be a start to understanding how you work…


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