The Sun Enters Scorpio And The Dark Moon Awaits – A Season Of Deep Transformation Begins

The Sun Enters Scorpio And The Dark Moon - A Season Of Deep Transformation Begins

On October 23 the Sun entered Scorpio, giving birth to the season of transformation, when in the fall the earth turns dark and rotten, a state of the matter which will lead to the return of Light, when times are right.

Planetary transits in October, although intense, had been much softer than in September, so it was possible to regain our own strength, testing which were our TRUE resources. Something this hyperactive Summer gave us is the chance to align with our Essence, the real Self breathing beyond every mask we are regularly wearing.

This movement within implied an attitude of being completely open to anything coming from our unconscious. It was hard to observe ourselves under that light, but there was no turning our eyes away from there. And now we have changed. Acquiring this kind of perspective about ourselves, we can now allow our steps to take another path, following the streams of the transformational cycle of Nature. Humans are Nature. Moving at the same pace as Mother Nature does, it is easy to find the original flow our cells are naturally moving into. Even if our daily life is running at a different speed, it is necessary to discover where harmony is hiding, to restore a natural flow within and without.

Fall is the season of letting go, getting rid of every excess, when the Red coming from the Summer first turns brown and then black. This season is portraying the process of transformation of matter, from dense to etheric, which has inspired the greatest minds during human evolution, leading to the development of Alchemy, the journey of matter towards its transmutation, from light to density and then back to light again, like the drive consciousness is naturally following towards its own awakening, when human eyes leave earth to look for heaven, to make earth an heavenly place.

The Sign of Scorpio (Element of Water – ancient memories in our DNA) is symbolizing all this. This year the journey of the Sun in Scorpio will be much more intense than in the past in highlighting the challenges for each of us, as Lilith, the Great Rebel, the Dark Moon, is there. The brightest Light and the darkest Shadow will meet (they will both be at 19° on 11.11) to heal hidden fears and deep wounds stemming from ancient memories when Men stole the power of Women. Now a time will start to make peace, to bring peace within our hearts. I will go deeply into this at the beginning of November.

The New Moon on 30 October will take place in Scorpio with a powerful Stellium (group of planets) formed by Sun and Moon at 07°, Mercury at 08° and Lilith at a distance (18°). It is time to let go once and for all those who are still around us from a painful past. It is time to let go of grudges and resentments. Forgive ourselves and the others is essential to enter the process of “black maceration” of negative emotions. Suffering can be transformed by letting it mature into wisdom, the wonderful acceptance of life, an attitude stating: if it must be, it will be.

By: Stefania Gyan Salila


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