The 5 Best Crystals To Amplify The Positive Energy Of The Full Moon


This Full Moon is going to be a genuinely positive time for us, and there are a few crystals that can amplify those wonderful energies.

When you manifest amazing things, use crystals to amplify them and make them grow even bigger and greater. When things stay the same, but that is exactly what you wanted, it is time to grow the feeling of gratitude for what you already have.

When the things that came were not what you intended, use the full moon to stay grateful anyway and to let them go in order to clear your energy field for the next moon cycle, the next opportunity to manifest.

Both situations are there for your best benefits. Both can use the power of crystals to facilitate and expand in the areas of manifestation, gratitude, and letting go.



There are many ways to use crystals during the full moon ranging from quick and lighthearted to more thorough and deeply intentional. Here are a few examples:

1 Place the crystal you chose under your pillow during the night of the full moon to unlock the moon’s power in your dream world. This may lead to you having intuitive dreams full of messages.

2 Place a crystal (or a few) under the moonlight for them to charge overnight. Set an intention of what energy you would like to amplify.

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For example, if you have manifested great abundance during this moon cycle, ask the stone to be charged with the energy of abundance to bring it with you into the next moon cycle.

3 The day of the full moon, carry a crystal in your pocket. It will serve as a reminder for you to harvest you full moon manifestations and stay in tune with that energy throughout the day.

4 During your full moon ritual or meditation, keep a stone of your choosing next to you, or hold it in your hands. It will help you go deeper into your spiritual practice and gather the moon’s energy.



The moonstone crystal shouts its mission loud and clear—to work with the energy of the moon during any of its phases to amplify the energy of this glorious celestial body.

Yes, it can be used during a new moon or a full moon. This stone is just as mysterious as the moon itself, and it comes in different colors: most commonly found in white, but also in peach and even black.

A white moonstone is the most fitting during the full moon (while black during the new moon).

If you only have one color, do not worry. Any moonstone works to amplify the moon’s energy.
This stone is also a great choice for women and sisterhoods full moon circles as it works with the feminine and goddess energy.



Clear quartz crystal is a chameleon—its clear look and energy allow it to take on any intention you have. It can be a great choice during the full moon regardless of what purpose you have.

It is equally powerful at amplifying the abundance that you have manifested and at clearing what did not work out while purifying you for the next phase.

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Whether it is harvesting manifestations or letting go, clear quartz is your new best friend. It is also one of the easiest stones to find; you will never come across a crystal store that does not carry an abundance of crystal quartz pieces of every shape and size.



Similar to clear quartz, selenite can help you whether your intention is to manifest or to let go. This stone repels negativity and low vibrations, which is why it never needs to be charged.

Instead, it charges anything around it with positive and healing energy.

During the full moon, it can receive the intention to increase the full moon’s harvest or to clear any blockages and help you let go of the past that no longer serves you.

It will recharge you, your energy field, and all your chakras to step into the next phase of the moon with your full power and unlimited potential.



As amazing as the full moon is, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. That is because the moon tries to take you out of your body into the incredible cosmos.

If the energy is too strong and your crown chakra is to open to the energies flooding in, your root chakra may be unbalanced. This does happen, and there is an easy fix—a grounding stone.

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There are many grounding crystals, but you may benefit the most from geodes during this time. Geodes take millions of years to come into being.

They are not as ancient as the moon, but they have felt time and have matured to gift you their energy. They also heal and rejuvenate the feminine side in all of us, which is interconnected with the moon.



Finally, do you remember the magical feeling you got when you looked at the moon as a child? The moon is still full of magic that can be tapped into—psychic visions, intuitive abilities, and energy healing are just a few examples of what it can offer.

To access these abilities, labradorite can come very handy. This beautiful stone is related to moonstone, and its gifts are to open up your third eye, giving you more access to different intuitive abilities that you possess. It also captures the moon’s energy and sends it your way three-fold.

No matter which crystal you choose, your intention will guide the outcomes, and the crystals always know what to do and what you need best.

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