The 9/9 Gateway Portal – September And The Power Of 9


September is a very powerful month as is because it comes with the number 9. For those who do not know, 9 is a number of strength and revelation.

Because September is 9 and the night of the new moon is also 9, we are in for some very interesting energies. On 9/9 the gateway portal of 9/9 will be opening and with that, DNA activation will occur for many people. This, very much like the gateway of 8/8, will be a bit intense.
On the 9th day of the 9th month, we will be able to tap into something we have not be able to tap into for quite some time. We will be able to tune into the vibrations of the world around us on a deeper level. We will be facing for several weeks energies that will be doing good in our lives.

As humans when new energies come forth we tend to withdraw, but that is not what needs to be done in this situation. You need to be able to move out of your shell and forward. While you will be working within you need to do so from a place of unity.

While you might be feeling a bit nervous as these energies make their way here, and the gateway opens once it has reached its full potential, you will be able to really allow this energy into your life.

The day of 9/9 in itself is a wonderful day for really working within to heal and let go of any struggles you have allowed to weigh heavy on your heart.

This gateway opening brings forth a sense of union that we have all been missing. For more information on this gateway and what it could mean for you as it opens, please check out the video below.

This month is going to bring you to something truly amazing. This is a huge awakening experience for us all and it will be moving very quickly. While this month will fly by, you won’t want to miss a thing.


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