The Color Combinations You Like Will Reveal Something About Your Personality

The-Color-Combinations-You-Like-Will-Reveal-Something-About-Your-Personality.jpgAccording to some psychologists, our subconscious has a powerful influence on who we are, including our likes, our dislikes, and even our favorite colors. Here, we have prepared a few color combinations for you to gauge your corresponding personality traits.

Choose which one you like best, then see how accurately these chromatic examples describe you!


A. Light blue & Violet

Violet suggests a need to create emotional security and perfection in all areas of life, most especially, spiritually. You are also sensitive, compassionate, and like to help others.

Light blue means you want to demonstrate your wisdom and creativity. You place value on appearance and being unique and want to be appreciated for creating something extraordinary. Also, this color reflects creativity and calm.


B. Yellow & White

White means you value simplicity in life and are independent and self-reliant. You are far-sighted and an optimist. You exercise self-control and aren’t impulsive.

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Yellow means that you are a cheerful, fun person. You are creative but, at the same time, critical of yourself and others. You are impulsive and tend to rush from one activity to another. You have a deep need to express yourself.


C. Turquoise & Pink

Turquoise says that you are friendly and easy to communicate with. You are compassionate, caring, and speak from the heart. You have a deep intuition and seek spiritual fulfillment.

You are self-sufficient, have strong self-esteem, and are a good decision maker.

Pink means that you are loving, kind, and sensible to the needs of others. You possess a maternal instinct and like to take care of other people. You are a romantic and sensual individual. Your behavior is non-violent and reserved and can give an impression of shyness.


D. Red & Blue

Blue means you seek inner peace and truth. You are reliable and trustworthy and have a deep need to be trusted. You are not impulsive and prefer to think before speaking. You are a responsible person. You value harmony and peace in your life.

Red means that you are an extroverted, optimistic, and confident person. You like to be the center of attention, and you radiate a lot of energy.

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You are also ambitious and competitive. You have a lot of passion for life and are not afraid to pursue your dreams. You can be a bit aggressive and easy to anger.

Of course, this is hardly an exact science, and there are always variations and exceptions to every rule.

Yet, there are general trends and truths that resonate with our human nature that are reflected in real life. As for what causes them, that remains a mystery! But we may find it both amusing and enlightening to reflect on what it is that makes us who we are!


Source: NTD


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