The Hallway of the Eclipses

The Hallway of the Eclipses

Astrologers are categorical:  we experience a unique time called “The entrance hall of the eclipses.”

By 24 March everyone has a chance to break up with the past and to change the destiny for the 18 years period ahead!!!

Adding  that in late March the sign Pisces ends the old astronomical year and starts the new one.

“The hallway of the eclipses” has two points of change: one gives special opportunity to give up the negative past, the other to change the present and to set a positive agenda for the future.

How to do the best for us in this period:

Summarise the past–  Just be aware of what “baggage” you’ve got in the present and what of it would you like to take for the future – for the next 18 years. Be open for a change and be prepared that the change will happen.

Do not make any sudden movements-   The “hallway of the eclipses” increases the risk of premature conclusions, thoughtless gestures, quarrels with someone, provoking conflicts in the workplace, making the wrong decision, break  up a relationship with someone. Treat your reactions, with particular attention. In those days the results of our actions are irreversible, and what will be destroyed , will not be able to be restored.


Control your emotions–  In the days before and after the lunar eclipse from 20 to 26 March,  the probability of insulting someone,  speaking unpleasant words or manifest aggression increases due to your  frustration. Resist those impulses – for what has been said then will only regret it. Try even in thought not to let yourself  judge someone and do not wish anyone anything bad – either acquaintances or strangers.




Tune in harmony– This applies to your feelings, and your connections to people and relationships to the things that surround you. At the end of the “hallway of the eclipses’, at home and the workplace, arrange your stuff, throw the unwanted, broken, redundant items. Pay attention to your health and beauty, give up the bad habits, try more often to stay close to the nature.

With this simple, but important advises, you will put a Positive start for the 18 years period ahead, Good luck!


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