The Most Powerful Ritual for Making Our Wishes Come True!

The Most Powerful Ritual for Making Our Wishes Come True!

the power of Earth’s elements -air, fire, water, and earth.

After the completion of the ritual, the result you are looking for will come to you very quickly and accurately, as a gift from heaven, which actually is.

Law of Attraction to increase the tempo of implementation and to materialize your wish with a magic wand.

For this powerful ritual, you will need a silver coin, a white candle and a half-liter jar with a cap.

1. Pour a glass of water in the jar, light the candle and write your wish on a white sheet of paper.

2.Once you are done with the wish, diligently fold the sheet of paper, drop the silver coin in the jar and put inside the folded sheet with the wish.

3. Close the jar with the cap and put it in a dark place to stand there for three days.

4. On the fourth day, when it gets dark outside, take the jar and pour the contents into the pre-dug small hole under a young green fruit tree. While pouring the water, say out loud your wish.

The ritual can be done in urban areas – not necessarily in the village or somewhere in nature.

Your desire may be not only materialistic but also about love or protection from negative impacts.

This powerful ritual works and “Why it works?” could be explained even logically:

The power of ritual is that the water, as we know, remembers information – in this case, it will remember your wish written on the sheet and will absorb it. When you pour the water under the tree, it does not disappear, but continues to work – then the roots of the plant will absorb your words and the wish will grow as a tree. Why you have to perform it when it is dark outside? Because the moon and the stars make wishes come true, better than the sun.
This simple, but very powerful ritual will fulfill all of your wishes, enjoy!


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