The Number Of Horses You Spot Reveals Your Personality


One of the five traditional senses which mankind is blessed with is the sense of sight. Not only eye the most beautiful part of a humans body, it also happens to be the most vital one.

How you see things can say a lot about you as a person. Hence, it can be rightly said that your perspective can define the sort of person that you are.

In this case, we bring to you a little task so that you can find out about your deep buried aspects by the way you interpret the picture below:



This isn’t a test so you don’t have to cheat!

1- Just glance at the picture for a quick second or two and count the number of horses you can see.

2- Now match the characteristic and your interpreted number from the points mentioned below.



You are someone who has his eyes on the bigger picture. You see things as a whole and have a very broad vision of things. You surely are very hasty in making decisions and do not evaluate or think too deeply about things.

These qualities make you great at management as you are able to calculate outcomes before everyone else. You can draw the final picture in the head even before anyone has picked up the pencil.

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In spite of having all these amazing qualities, you are still not quite imperative; hence don’t stop working on yourself. You can bring change. Don’t let your qualities develop in you a laid-back nature.



You have hints of perfectionism in you. You are the person who doesn’t take things on a light note and likes to give importance to things that are worthy. Your way of decision making is pretty rational and sensible.

In spite of being a sensible person, you have a haphazard way of working. But this does not keep you away from achieving your goals. You do not have a systematic way of working which does create issues.

You are always in kinetic motion. Never still. You might be running sometimes, and crawling on the other times, but you never stop. You’re always on the go.

As hard as it is for you to accept, sometimes you do become a little overconfident about your capabilities. You overdo things without even realizing but then that’s ok. You’re someone who doesn’t stop, so you know how to accept failures.



Drum rolls for Mr/Ms perfectionist, please!

You are an extremely sharp-sighted person. You notice things which others fail to see. You have a very responsible nature which is why you don’t miss out even on the tiniest of things. This also is the reason why people love working with you. They know you won’t let them down.

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I’m sorry but being a perfectionist comes with its own cons. You often get caught in situations where you aren’t sure if you should proceed with something or keep working on it.

You believe that everything can be made better which is why you don’t know where to stop.  You are never truly satisfied with the end results. ‘A little more maybe’ are always on your lips.

You should involve some mind-calming exercises like yoga in your life since most of the time you’re over-thinking. Be a little laid back and relax! Try to surround yourself with people who can tell you when and where to draw a line. You cannot drive yourself insane over everything. It’s ok, ok?


Source: themindsjournal


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