The Twelve Feminine Archetypes. Which One Is Yours?

feminine-archetypesEvery woman has the personality facets that can be both positive and negative, and if not well known and integrated can lead to a bad attitude with herself and the others.

The most appropriate work for those who want to move towards a path of personal evolution, would be to get to fully explore their talents and learn to manage and transform their defects: in this way the woman could get to know her deepest parts and secrets, to avoid being manipulated from her shadow areas thus contact  her  higher self, to awaken the Divine light within her. Each of us embodies an archetype, even though we reflect the other facets too, but to a lesser extent.


Here are 12 basic Feminine Archetypes:

1) Cosmic Woman – Goddess

(Uranus – Ratziel)
This woman has completely devoted her life to the Divine and has awakened in her being the highest spiritual qualities. She has discovered the original androgyny.
Features: transcendence, wisdom, higher consciousness, knowledge of the truth, spirituality
Cons: pride, an excess of eccentricity, irreverence, obstinacy.


2) Priestess – Vestal – Started

(Mercury moon – Raphael)
The illusion of everyday life does not touch her anymore. Every day is a step closer to the discovery of her true Woman Essence.
Features: intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, healing, truth, mental type, transmutation, teaching
Cons: criticism, fussiness, meticulousness, low self-esteem, impatience


3) Empress – High Priestess – Centralizer

(Sun – Michael)
This facet of the structure, emerges the yang woman, the one who embodies the ability to guide, watch, instruct souls who follow her.
Features: success, will, inner strength, authority, nobility, self-determination
Cons: narcissism dominate others, prevaricate

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4) Prophetess – Sensitive – Shaman

(Neptune – Asariel)
This woman emerges a mystical look, mysterious and transcendent feminine universe: her capacity for contact with invisible dimensions (see the Pythia in ancient Greece)
Features: sensitivity, ecstasy, mysticism, extra-sensory abilities, occult
Cons: drug addiction, suggestibility, escape from reality, indecision, feeds the illusions


5) Fairy – Princess – Romantic Lover

(Venus – Haniel)
In this archetype emerges the plane of Beauty, Goodness, and Love, typically female; Here she embodies the subtle human qualities.
Features: beauty, harmony, love, soul subtlety, sensitivity, brightness
Cons: deceit, manipulation, vanity, self-centeredness


6) Great Mother – Matron – Protector

(Jupiter – Hesediel)
Traditional Archetype, the type of woman who is conservative and protects the family.
Features: abundance, prosperity, nutrition, fertility, protection
Cons: possessiveness, poor management of money, sarcasm, love life easy

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7) Inspirational Muse – Artist

(Moon – Gabriel)
Guided by her fluidity and inner sensitivity, this woman embodies the artistic and creative dimension of the human soul; to the point of becoming a source of inspiration.
Features: inspiration, emotions, intuition, creativity, sensitivity, fluidity
Cons: anxiety, depression, emotional fluctuations


8) Integrated Grown Up

(Earth – Uriel)
This archetype embodies the emotional and relational equilibrium, integrated into a coherent personality both her child and the parental dimension.
Features: balance, consistency, trust, emotional centering, contentment
Cons: laziness, immobility, Skepticism, to roots, static


9) Maiden – Daughter

(Mercury – Solar Raphael)
This aspect of the woman keeps alive the more instinctual part and boyish self, thus becoming a symbol of innocence and simplicity.
Features: Communication, externalization, contact with others, spontaneity
Cons: suggestibility, inconsistency, impatience, jealousy


10) Amazon – Warrior – Women managers

(Mars – Camael)
The instinctual dimension of the woman combined with her fair and competitive nature, in this archetype manifests all its power and inner strength.
Features: dynamism, energy, vitality, resourcefulness, courage, determination
Negatives: excess masculinity, aggressiveness, characterial hardness

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11) Fatal Woman – Seductress – Manipulator

(Pluto – Azrael)
This facet of female use sexual and sensual female energy for egotistical and sinister purposes.
Features: sexuality, instinct, power, mystery, power plan
Cons: destructiveness, extremism, cynicism, manipulation


12) Destructive – Materialistic

(Saturn – BINAEL)
In this archetype dominates the heaviness of the earth element, also thanks to a fine intellect and cynism, she is capable of “calling the mass” – incessantly – all the elements that come to her from the outside.
Features: rooting, concretization
Cons: sadness, loneliness, destruction, pessimism, inflexibility, obstinacy, intellectualism


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