Top Spiritual Retreats in Costa Rica

Top Spiritual Retreats in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a land of striking natural beauty. There is an omnipresent aura to the area that is enhanced by the friendliness of the people and an environment packed with raw gorgeousness.

Its idyllic location with the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Pacific on the other places it in an everlasting spiritual zone with appealing positive vibes. Flora and fauna found in the region are an exquisite collection of fascinating wildlife complimented by the varied landscapes that make Costa Rica a romantic destination.

It’s no surprise that the country has over the years attracted people of diverse interests to discover its spectacular scenery. Adventure enthusiasts, honeymooners, and celebrities have all experienced Costa Rica’s sheer magnetism.

However, for the spiritual traveler, the country has a special place in the heart. A trip to Costa Rica for someone wanting to escape and rediscover the meaning of life is nothing short of pure nirvana.




An all-inclusive luxury resort, Rythmia believes in alternative medicine and the power of spiritual healing. Now, before heading on out for that enlightening holiday, make sure to check your horoscope and see if the stars are aligned.

Then go ahead and book a place located in a tranquil environment surrounded by untamed forest and fresh air. Rythmia takes a holistic approach to health, and the Dead Sea Cleanse is one of its most popular therapies, perfect to cleanse the body of all toxins.




Looking for some introspection surrounded by a community that lets you be who you are, then PachaMama is the ideal place to be. Situated in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, PachaMama came to life in 1999.

Founded by the spiritual guide Tyohar, it has developed into a place to explore our inner selves while experiencing a joyous atmosphere. When it comes to booking that picture-perfect vacation, Costa Rica is both, the perfect weekend getaway and a long-term sojourn where you let life take its natural course.

In PachaMama, meditation, yoga, therapy, body cleanses, and special workshops to open the mind and soul are regular activities that help visitors learn about life and its many fascinating forms.




Surrounded by the lush green rainforest, Samasati is an exclusive yoga retreat that welcomes guests to stay in the lap of nature and luxury. Worldly worries take a back seat at the resort as you venture out for hikes and walks discovering hidden Costa Rica.

Because of its location, close to the city of Puerto Viejo, guests can enjoy the best of both worlds for sometimes we need to be surrounded by a lot of people to discover who we truly are.



Nada Brahma

A quaint little escape, the Nada Brahma is an exclusive abode that features yoga, cancer healing, meditation, and Ayahuasca, the traditional Amazonian medicine.

Their philosophy revolves around sound and vibrations that run through our bodies leading us to achieve our very best, physically and spiritually.

An intimate experience, the many spiritual retreats across Costa Rica let visitors discover their bounds of consciousness, enriching lives and opening minds for a better, healthier personal future.


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