Trees Help Us Heal! This is How You Can Use Their Energy

Trees Help Us Heal! This is How You Can Use Their EnergyTaoist masters observe that trees are very powerful. Not only can they absorb carbon dioxide and transform it into oxygen, but they can also absorb negative forces and turn them into positive.

The trees are deeply rooted in the Earth, and their roots are deeper higher and they rise to the skies. The trees then absorb Earth’s energy and the Universal Force of the Sky.

Trees and all other plants possess the ability to absorb the light from energies and turn it into nourishment; In fact, much of their nutritional needs depend on light, while water and mineral salts account for only 30%.

Trees can live long. Trees like healers and friends

Trees are the largest and most spiritually advanced Earth plants. They are constantly meditating and subtle energy is their natural language. When your ability to understand this language increases, you can start having relationships with them.

They can help you open up your energy channels and cultivate calm, presence and vitality. In  return you can help them eliminate their blocks and devitalized parts. It is a beneficial mutual relationship that deserves to be cultivated.


Choose a tree to work with

Throughout history, humans have used all parts of the tree to produce medications to cure. For this purpose the best trees are the big ones, especially the pines.

They radiate Chi, nourish the blood, strengthen the nervous system, and help to ensure longevity. At the same time they feed the soul and spirit.

Pines are “immortal trees” and ancient Chinese poetry and paintings are full of admiration for them.

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Although pines are often the best choice, many other types of trees or plants can be used. The larger ones contain the maximum of energy and the best ones are those that sit up near the streams.

Some of them are warmer or hotter than others, some cooler or colder, and only practice allows you to distinguish the different properties of the various species.

1. Cypresses and cedars lower the temperature and feed Yin energy.

2. The willows help fight the dry winds to eliminate excess moisture from the body, reduce blood pressure, and strengthen the urinary tract and bladder.

3. The elms calm the mind and strengthen the stomach.

4. Maples fight the dry winds and help reduce the pain

5. Carobs help eliminate internal heat and balance heart conditions

6. Banyan trees (Bengali figs) purify your heart and help eliminate bodily moisture.

7. Cinnamon can remove the cold from the heart and the stomach

8. Fir trees help to absorb bruises to reduce sweating and first heal bone fractures.

9. Hawthorns help digestion, strengthen the intestine and fight low blood pressure.

10. Birches lower body temperature, eliminate body moisture and help detoxify the body.

11. The prunes feed, the spleen, the stomach, the pancreas and calm the mind.

12. Figs eliminate excess body heat by increasing salivation, nourish the spleen, and help cure diarrhea.

13. Knees help to strengthen the bladder and relieve urinary problems in women.

There is no need to go into a forest to find the right tree to work with.

Trees that are used to having people around, include our energy and are actually more accessible and available than those in the wildest areas.

City parks and suburban courtyards are full of powerful and accessible trees that would love to have closer ties with humans who dominate their environment.

There are certain dimensions that make trees more accessible to humans. When a tree is too small, it does not have enough energy to act in particular on you.

When it is too big the opposite problem occurs, so you must insist to make them interested in you. As a source of healing energy it is therefore best to choose a large and robust medium-sized tree for a pleasant interaction of a small size.

Though it is not necessary to climb a tree to begin a relationship, however, it does reveal a whole new world. Climb while making sure not to damage the tree.

Establish a communion with a tree


Communion with a tree

There are precise ways to approach, interact, retreat, and leave a tree. Following a specific progression you can create a silent communion rite that can be understood by you and the tree, to increase the potential of a harmonious interaction.

This progression is the result of observing the natural course of events in the subtle energy communion and can be applied to anything: trees, rocks, humans or animals, although the following is specifically designed for trees.

Trees Help Us Heal! This is How You Can Use Their Energy2First of all, every tree, like every person, has a personality, desires, and a life of its own. Trees differ greatly in terms of their tastes in human contact. Some are very generous and eager to provide all the energy you can take.

Others are weak or ill and need the profit out of your healing energy. Some are friendly souls who enjoy the human company. Others are still quite indifferent.

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You can learn to grow by working with all of them. Try to be respectful and open, rather than pushing them to bend them for your purposes. In this way they will provide you something more than another Chi source: friendship, joyful expression, and love.


The trees operate on a longer scale than that of humans. You can overcome this difference, returning and returning from the same tree, until the relationship is born.

Visit it regularly so that the tree knows when to expect you and wait anxiously to see you. You may have the obvious impression that the tree really misses your absence when you are away for a longer time than usual.

Spiritual communion with trees resembles making love, more than any other human activity, and consequently there should always be sensuality and tenderness.

You do not have to keep the situation under control, take time to relax and melt in that communion. Let the tree guide you in the wonders of your inner life. Working with a tree in that case can help mitigate sexual frustration.


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