All humans are born with qualities that are brighter and more prominent than others. Angel wings signify the good intentions that lie in a person’s heart.

Choose the wings that you love below and discover just what your blessings are. What you choose reveals the power that you are attracted to and the blessings of your heart.

Scroll down to find out what the wings you chose mean! 


1. The Just Wings

If you chose the Just wings, you have a strong sense of justice. When you have to make a decision you always take a fair and balanced stand, even if this contradicts someone who is close to you.

Your blessing is your sense of right and wrong and you will always do the right thing no matter what.

2. The Love Wings

You have a fierce and loving heart and you love to be romantic. You love without any conditions and do not ask for anything in return. Love is your true blessing and one that makes you extremely unique. 

3. The Soul Wings

These blue, raised Soul wings signify a calm, intelligent, and calm soul. If you chose this wing, your soul has been on a long journey and has been through both good and bad. You have a gentle soul and kind heart, which are your blessings. 

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4. The Wings of Truth

You strive to live a truthful, honest life. You will do anything to set a truthful example for others and you will say a tough truth instead of sugarcoating a lie. This gives you the blessing that will help you find true friends instead of fake ones. 

5. The Wings of Hope

You are an optimistic person who is full of life. You hate toxic and negative people because you always have a positive attitude and are hopeful for what the future brings. Hope is your blessing and you thrive on the feeling. You have faith in people and see the best in them.

6. The Wings of a Dream

You’re a bit of an introvert and dreamer. You love privacy and peacefulness and your dreams are usually about the important things in life. This makes your mind the ultimate blessing, as you frequently live within it. 

7. The Wings of Desire

You have a lot of wishes in your life and would like to be living large. You have the desire and will to push to get what you want when you want it.

This sets you apart from others who don’t have the strength and courage you do to get what they want. Your desire is the biggest blessing in your life.

8. Warrior Wings

You’re a warrior by heart while a saint in your soul. You are gentle and calm by nature but you can be riled up like a warrior when something upsets you.

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You protect everyone in your life that matters to you with strength and courage. Your warrior soul is your greatest blessing and one that you will never give up.

9. The Wings of Success

You have an intense desire to succeed and prosper. You have what it takes to come out on top.

You want to accomplish whatever life throws at you and this is your greatest blessing in life. These wings show you do have what it takes to be a successful individual. 

Tell your friends and loved ones what wings you chose and see what they would pick! 

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