What Kind Of Positive Vibes Do You Give Off?

Whether you realize it or not, we all give off vibes- it’s just that not everyone is sensitive to picking up on them. Likewise, if you are having a bad day, it’s probably noticeable to a few people who cross your path.


The same can be said about the energy you give off when you are in a good mood. We call this kind of happy juju energy, “positive vibes.”

You know that feeling when someone walks in the room and suddenly your heart feels lighter? Or when you receive a hug that literally feels like the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders? Those are the kind of people who give off healing positive vibes. But there are many other kinds. Let’s see which type of “good vibrations” as Marky Mark would say, you give off.

Choose one image below, and read on to see what it says about your positive energy:


If you chose…

People who select this yin-yang bring these positive vibes to the world:




You are a beautiful source of light in this dark world! We need more positive people like YOU to really change the course of history. People need someone with your courage and pure heart to turn to – and you won’t let us down! You are an outstanding individual and it’s obvious to everyone who meets you…. we all say THANKS for the positive vibes!



People who select this yin yang bring these positive vibes to the world:




You show people their inner-strength when they need it most. It’s important to remember your own well of courage and bravery too- good vibes are for everyone, including yourself!  You rarely run away from a challenge and your friends and loved ones appreciate you always having their back (especially when they are tired of fighting themselves.) You can calm an argument with your subtle charm.



People who select this yin yang bring these positive vibes to the world:





You bring love with you wherever you go, and people notice! “Free Hugs” is your motto for life, and you are always trying to spread the love. Your gentle smile is a ray of sunshine- even to those who don’t know you. Total strangers are just as appreciative of your positive vibes, as your closest friends- and you only have a few you would give that title to.



People who select this yin yang bring these positive vibes to the world:




You see the beauty around you – in everything – even when others can’t. You show the world what true beauty really is, through compassion towards others. You could spend an eternity under the stars, staring up at the full moon, in complete harmony with the universe. People gravitate towards you because you are a silent observer and usually have great advice.

Did you find your results to be accurate? Let us know in the comments!



Source : mysticalraven


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