What You First See Reveals A Lot About Your Character



The Rorschach test, or inkblot test, is what psychologists call a projective test. The basic idea is that when a person is shown an ambiguous image, the mind will work hard at imposing meaning on the image.

That meaning is generated by the mind and often formulates based on previous conditioning and associations.

Take a look at the painting by Abdul Hamid below and remember what you first see, then read on to see what it says about you. While the meaning is ultimately up to you to decide, you might just learn something new about your personality and character!


What You First See Reveals A Lot About Your Character

1. The Night Sky, City, And Sailboat On A Lake

If you first saw the night sky, city and sailboat on a lake when viewing the picture, it relates to your search for peace in life.

You likely often stay awake late into the night as this is a time of quiet and rest, and you feel the most comfortable exploring your interests when you feel a sense of peace.

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You’ve also realized the value of having a quiet and still mind, and tend to dislike overthinking things and worrying too much. Those who first see the night sky can also be sensitive to loud environments, and crowded social settings.

2. The Collection Of Women

Those who first see the collection of women make enjoying life one of their top priorities. The group of women in the painting is all enjoying themselves by dancing, playing an instrument and relaxing.

You likely have a close group of very good friends with whom you feel very happy with and can discuss important issues. Living a somewhat care-free life without stress or “being in a hurry” is something that comes naturally to you.

Others enjoy this quality about you, and while you don’t always open up to everyone, new friends are always available and close by.

Staying humble allows you to not take yourself and the problems of life too seriously. Your deep inner confidence allows you to let go of results and external events, and you can consistently feel good about yourself in any task you set out to accomplish.

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You likely also have a ‘signature strength’ which is something particular to you that you are very skilled and excel at, that often garners the praise of others. Sharing your talent and love with others brings you great joy, so make sure to do it as often as possible.



3. The Face

Those who first see the face when looking at the picture have the wisdom and knowledge that comes from a life of wonderful experiences and numerous happy moments.

The face consists of people having a good time, dancing, playing instruments and can also represent the beauty of youth. The mind of the face is a still lake, city and night’s sky, representing a peaceful and rested life.

Waking up each day with gratitude for the many blessings in life, you find peace in knowing that those you love are also doing well in their lives.

You enjoy spending time seeing small things of beauty in life that others tend to overlook; a flower growing through a sidewalk, water flowing down a stream, the smile of a pure and innocent child.

Peace and rest are central to your current state of happiness, and maintaining a relaxed and ‘undone’ mind is a very healthy way to live.

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While you tend to be humble and not always reveal the vast wealth of your life experiences to others, consider opening up a bit more and teaching others some of the beautiful things that have given you deep meaning in life.

They might just enjoy their lives more from having met and spoken with you.

What did you first see when viewing the picture?

Let us know in the comments.

Have a peaceful day, you are loved.


Source: understandingcompassion


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