What You See First Can Reveal What You Are Searching For In Life


The eyes are wonderful tools for perceiving the world around us and for helping our search for the things we want in life.

What our eyes perceive can also be influenced by our ideas, thoughts, and beliefs about an object and also by our previous experience with similar objects.

As the mind makes sense of what it is viewing, many complex mental databases are accessed, and while we have yet to understand them all, we know that parts of our character can also influence what we see.


When you first saw the picture, what did you notice first? Keep this in mind and then read below to find out what you are searching for in life:

1. The Dog


If you first saw the dog in the picture, your eye for detail is sharper than average. The dog represents loyalty, relaxation and peace, and if this is what you first noticed, you greatly value these qualities and are looking for them in a companion.

It is likely that you have a strong sense of inner peace which you have developed from years of personal growth, and after having experienced and tasted many of life’s pleasures, what you really want is a warm and cozy home to share with someone who understands and supports you.

Respect is important to you, and the companion you want knows how to give you space and how to respect your boundaries. They are trustworthy and will share their honest opinions with you, even if it’s not always what you want to hear, yet their desire is that it will help you to follow your best possible path in life.

Those who see the dog first are also seeking sincerity in life, as small ways that show you care often mean a large amount to them. A peaceful friend who stays with you through the good times and the bad times, and is supportive for no other reason than that they truly care for you.

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It’s important to remember that as you’re searching for this wonderful and healthy companion in life, to remember that what you desire can also be found within, and in greater quantities

Our own hearts possess the love we need to give to ourselves, and when we finally learn how to give ourselves this much needed inner compassion, our deep longings become fulfilled, as our hurts are allowed to finally heal as we open and let them go.

Inner contentment, as you already well know, brings great happiness, and by learning even more ways to give yourself the love you deserve, you’ll create the inner emotional environment you need to attract the loyal and peaceful companion you are searching for.


2. The Face

If you first saw the face in the picture, your mind is focused on the big picture in life; you know your goals, where you’re headed, and what you want to achieve in the near future.

Your likely known for your integrity and reliability, as when you commit to something, you always do your best to see it through. Your ability to accomplish school, career and family-related tasks are second to none, but menial tasks can bore you quite easily, so you need things to be interesting in order to stay motivated.

Part of what your searching for is likely connected to your deep inner creativity of the heart. You already know what you want in life, but a part of you within is telling you that there may be something more, something more valuable, something that means more to you.

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A big house, in a nice community for your family, a nice car to drive in, and a steady retirement are all appealing things, yet when we engage the creative side within our hearts, we know that they really just represent meeting the basic survival needs of ourselves and of our loved ones.

There is a deeper meaning to life than what we wear, what we eat, and what we buy. The deep quiet spaces of your heart already know what you are truly seeking, and the answer may be closer to love, than to material wealth in life.

Budget some time for meditation, time alone in nature, and a quiet heart focus, and then really listen to what your heart is telling you.

When you feel an openness and a softness in your heart begin to open in a certain direction, or when it brings something to your mind, you’ll know what it is you’re really searching for that will give you a lasting satisfaction for years to come.

Where some of this true for you? Let us know in the comments.


Source: understandingcompassion


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