Who’s The Real Mother Of The Child? Your Choice Will Divulge A Lot About Your Character


Who’s The Real Mother Of The Child? Your Choice Will Divulge A Lot About Your Character

As presented in the picture, there are two women in a room who were sitting opposite each other while a toddler boy is playing on the floor.

Now the question is this: who do you think is the real mother of the toddler? Even though there is only one answer, whoever you pick will also give you sufficient clues about your character.



This is the answer that 70% of the people picked, but then it’s wrong. It might be probable that you weren’t actually in a mental state to distinguish the details of the image. Nevertheless, it also might be that some of the characters in you are distinctive to you.

You are a creative type of person. Since you were little, you were the one who created the best science model or had the most gorgeous dollhouse. You also had resourcefulness on your side. With this, it is very easy for you to imagine things in your mind before they were jotted down. You’re a young Nikola Tesla!

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Thanks to this characteristic of yours as you are also highly sought out as a friend because great imagination comes with matchless humor. You also have an exceptional taste in music and art which makes your view very valuable in most social situations.

Apart from that, you own great goodness and genuine empathy which makes your advice very useful. You’re a hard-worker and there’s a high likelihood that your goals will be achieved.

Perchance, you didn’t show up for a superior intelligence, but your bravery, firmness, and effort will lead you to flourish. To have your own family is one of your priorities and in future it will be fulfilled if it has not already become certainty. Lastly, you value money.



When toddlers play, they subconsciously face their parents. This is an act of asking for an approval. Picking this woman means you have nailed the correct answer.

This only proves that the presence of intelligence in you is far superior than what you think. Your brain’s left hemisphere is extremely developed. This is the region connected with logic and reasoning.

Your reasonableness makes you a great real adviser and you’re also sociable because you know that is a significant source of experience from which you can acquire knowledge.

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Additionally, you are sincere with faith and are very good with confidences.

You also appear to have a sensual streak: when it comes to romantic deeds, you were the one who was courted; because your sensibleness makes your personality dazzling.

Your dream expedition would be with friends and loved ones but when it comes to contemplation, you’re a solitary person.


Source: simplecapacity  themindsjournal


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