You Can Use Colors To Summon Your Angels And Here’s How To Do It


Certain colors of light and energy that can be used to call the angels who are the great and unbelievably strong mystical creatures.

Despite how powerful and willing to help they are, they never interfere your lives unless you want them to.

They would bestow upon you their blessings in the form of affection, knowledge, and supervision as and when you reach out for help. Angels are always ready to extend their support in whichever way possible.

So I also prefer doing my bit, the best I can contribute to building the connection by raising my pulsations while they lower theirs down and we meet mid-way through the energy spectrum.

Although there is no way that the angels would ever miss out on answering when we ask for help, but it is not necessary that we realize how exactly the help is being offered. If you are not in synchronization; fully aware of the spiritual energies, you might just not notice the push that you received in the right direction.

You can use the ‘Angel Colors’ to get in touch with the angelic vibrations better.


What Are Angel Colors?

As we know that every color has a certain frequency and an energy level associated to it. So by working in the area of angelic colors, you can tune yourself to be aligned with the vibrations of angels.

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You can control the ‘power of color’ by submerging yourself into that particular color which is related to the divine support you seek. You can do this by surrounding yourself by objects like paint, crystals, floras, attires and naturally occurring substances.

As I have seen so far, I can guarantee that once you have mastered the art of leveraging the power of your chosen color, you would have a far better experience of connecting with the angelic help than otherwise. So make your pick and enjoy the essence of the difference it causes.

13 Angel Colors!

Below are the Angel Colors and their respective characteristics:


The white color is characterized by its nature of ‘no-color’ which can give you space to directly getting linked with the angels. The angels of white light purify the soul, mind, and body.


The angel color Gold is about wisdom and brain enhancement. It can help polish your personality and make you attractive. Gold is your color if you are seeking help from angels to grant you access to the past life insights of your spirit.


The silver color of angels’ nature is ladylike that can develop your
intuition and bless you. The silver light can help you discover yourself and find a purpose in life.


This color is about the cycle of life and what significance the change carries between birth and death.

Brown/ Tan

Staying connected to your foundation, unbiased, organization, constancy, and connection to the roots.

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Supremacy, forte, and liveliness. The red color linked to the depths fire and interaction of the worldly elements. You should choose this color if your focus lies in increasing your passion and sexual energies.


Imagination, joy, and magnetism. This color awakens strength, inspiration, and malleability.


Delight, religiousness, and jollity. Yellow induces sanguinity and excites the brainpower. It is deeply linked with spiritual energies.


Richness, development, blessing, and business. It is conducive to the restoration of energy.


Endurance, fitness, accord, and equanimity. Blue will help you in expressing yourself better to the world.


Indigo brings out the intuition that helps you see through the inner and outer realms.


Spiritual completion, fair decision-making, and enthused determination. The violet vibration is pensive, creative, and stirring


Pink carries the energies of incorruptibility, respect, and maternal affection.

What changes will you see?

With the Angel Colors in line, you can expect the angelic involvement more vividly than ever. Constant practice and right variations can help you raise your awareness in angelic assistance.


Source: consciousreminder


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