Your Heart’s Desire Number Reveals Your Soul’s Intention in This Lifetime


Each lifetime you come here for a purpose, but the human mind forgets what the purpose is. Calculating your Numerology of your Heart’s Desire Number, also known as Soul Urge Number, can help you find that out. This number will also explain what motivates your urges and desires on the soul level.

To calculate your Heart’s Desire, you need to add only the numbers corresponding to every vowel in your full name using the Pythagorean numbers chart below:

1 = A, J, S
2 = B, K, T
3 = C, L, U
4 = D, M, V
5 = E, N, W
6 = F, O, X
7 = G, P, Y
8 = H, Q, Z
9 = I, R
As an example, there are six vowels in my first and last name—Katalina Aster.

If you get a two digit number that is not an 11 or a 22, you add those two digits.

Number 9 in my case is my Heart’s Desire number. Calculate yours and found out below what it means.



#1 – The Urge To Achieve


Number 1, the leadership number, as a Heart’s Desire will drive you to achieve as much as you can in your life. Your soul likes qualities of independence, hard work, and authenticity, and it wants to shine that bring and loud into the world.

It wants you to be fully visible and active in your global community and reach as many people as you can with your work and mission.



#2 – The Urge To Connect


Number 2 is the number of community and human connections. As a Heart’s Desire number, it will influence you to love and be loved as well as bringing peace between people in groups. You are good at working together and cooperation, and your soul would like you to use this towards a bigger cause in life.

It will beneficial for you to work on developing diplomacy and using it to help create harmony between people and in the world.



#3 – The Urge To Inspire

Heart’s Desire number 3 is the number of joy, creativity, and inspiration. Your soul wants to create and by doing so to heal itself and others on the emotional level, bring forth only joy and optimism for life. It will draw you to love anything beautiful and appreciate authentic expression.

If this Heart’s Desire is unfulfilled, it can lead to depression so do not ever give up on your dreams. You are here to reach them and inspire others to do the same and lead a creative, happy life.



#4 – The Urge To Help


If your Heart’s Desire is number 4, you will equally make a fantastic business or marriage partner. Your soul likes stability, and it also likes to provide it for others. You are hardworking and good at problem solving. If there are any practical solutions to people’s problems in life, chances are you have the answers and the abilities to fix them.

Number 4 can be prone to self-limitations, so work on removing them from your mindset. You may need to release being so rigid when you need to meet your goals.



#5 – The Urge To Be Free

The most carefree number is number 5. As a Heart’s Desire, it will inspire you to have adventures and adapt to multiple chances in life—many of which are of your own choice. This number also brings you resilience, intelligence, and spiritual gifts. Using your abilities and likes, you can also inspire others to live authentic, free, and fulfilling lives.

Your biggest battle in life may be fear. If you are afraid to fully dive into this Heart’s Desire, you will be left feeling like you are missing out. Your soul wants an exciting roller-coaster of a life.



#6 – The Urge To Nurture


Your soul’s desire is to serve your community. This may be family, work team, or a bigger human community. You are loving and nurturing, and you have a knack at bringing others together in a harmonious way. Because you want everything to be well for everyone, you tend to worry a lot when something goes off plan.

You need to learn to accept things as they are and full trust that everything in life is good and according to the plan. This is the way you will get into a flow state.



#7 – The Urge To Find Life’s Meaning

Number 7 is the seeker of information—often hidden deep inside ourselves. It is a very introspective number. As a Heart’s Desire Number, it will lead you to seek knowledge and answers for life’s big questions such as the meaning of life. You do not want to just find out these answers from others, you have to do the work to answer them yourself.

It is the most internal path of all. Because of this internal quest, number 7 can feel like they need to isolate themselves from others completely, yet this is not the right way to go. There is great value in having a close, trusted community.



#8 – The Urge To Make A Difference

Number 8 is an abundance number, and as a Heart’s Desire it brings you all the tools you need to succeed and make a difference in the world with your achievements. Once you achieve financial abundance, you will give generously. You can thrive in a business or being an entrepreneur because you are a great leader.

Your task is not to become too controlling and opinionated because of your confidence.



#9 – The Urge To Grow Spiritually

The most spiritual number is number 9, and it can lead you to reach higher states of consciousness and spiritual work. You will make a great humanitarian, because of your gift to love unconditionally. Your soul wants to give selflessly in this lifetime. Your challenge is to let go of expectations, otherwise that may lead to disappointments and pain of losing others.

You must give without asking anything in return, and then the universe will meet all your needs while you are fulfilling your heart’s desire.



#11 – The Urge To Heal Others

Number 11 carries energies for both numbers 1 and 2. Number 1 wants to lead, and 2 wants to love and connect people. As a Heart’s Desire Number 11, this combination will make you want to help others heal through creativity and service. A lot of this healing has to do with emotions. Art, music, and dance can help change lives. Other methods of healing such as doing energy work can be helpful too.

This path of healing may have traumatic experiences early in life to teach you how to heal yourself in order to heal others.



#22 – The Urge To Teach

Heart’s Number 22 combines the 2’s ability to connect and love others, and 4’s hard working ethics. As a 22, you are an ultimate teacher that can help humankind. It is a very spiritual path that your soul wants to be on.

Your biggest battle is with your own self. You may feel like this task is too big for you, but it is not. You can bring spiritual practices and knowledge on a more practical day-to-day level and by doing so, positively affecting many of people.


Source : articlesspiritsciencecentral


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