How Virgo Season Will Affect Every Zodiac Sign’s Love Life (Single & Taken)

How-Virgo-Season-Will-Affect-Every-Zodiac-Sign’s-Love-Life-Single-Taken.jpgFor some love could be right around the corner, while others might be entering troubled waters with their boo.

We’re positive that you can feel the Virgo energy coursing throughout the atmosphere. At this point, it feels like our emotions are all over the place and we just can’t think clearly. That’s why the Virgo season is the time to truly follow our hearts towards whatever we feel is right.

Whether you’ve had an awesome summer with your love or have been on the quest to find your new boo, the Virgo season is able to send some changes your way. That’s why our Astrology team has been working to pinpoint how each Zodiac will be affected during this interesting season in regards to their love life.

These upcoming changes may be exactly what you’re looking for or they could mean that it’s just not the right time for love to be your focus. Nonetheless, it’s always super helpful to know what’s coming your way so you can be prepared for it.

If you and your man are going to enter some troubled waters, it’s better to be aware of what’s to come headfirst. If instead, your single life is about to change for the better, you better get prepared to meet your next love.

Remember that the most important thing is the fact that you ultimately- and no one else- have all of the power over the destiny of your love life!

Aquarius Single: It Might Not Be Love At First Sight, But Instead What You Need

Get ready to meet a very special someone very soon. You’re going to be completely blindsided by your new love since this isn’t the guy you thought you would end up with.

Instead, this new person is going to come completely out of the blue and you’re going to fall hard for them.

While we predict that you won’t initially be into them, you’ll realize they’re the one you actually need in your life right now. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that you open your heart up and look into everything this person can offer you.

We guarantee that the two of you will fit like two peas in the pod and will be happier than you ever thought possible!


Aquarius Taken: Some Negative Energy Is About To Come Up

You and your partner have been amazing this past summer. It seems like you finally had the summer of your dreams with this special someone and you feel better than ever.

While we totally want you to keep up these awesome vibes, you should be aware that some negative energy is about to hit you like a storm.

Just remember that whatever the issue is, you can totally resolve it (with the help of your partner of course).

We’re positive that you two will be able to run away into the sunset together once this terrible energy leaves you two. Stick together and you’ll be okay. But if you let this energy tear you two apart, all bets are off.


Aries Single: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

We completely understand how much you were longing for that dream summer romance this season. Sadly, it just wasn’t in the cards for you. But also, we’re sorry to let you know, this Virgo season also doesn’t seem to have any luck for you.

However, the good news is that Virgo season is only a month and will pass soon!

Then the universe will be on your side trying to find the perfect person for you to finally form a relationship with. The key is to be patient and not rush anything. You simply have to go with the flow and see what the future has in store for you!


Aries Taken: Be There For Your Partner

While your relationship will be stronger than ever, your partner might not be. This Virgo season could bring a ton of negative energy on your partner that he just can’t handle. It’s absolutely crucial that you act as a rock for your partner to lean upon during these hard times.

If you’re not able to do so, you really have to reassess how your relationship is going. You two have been growing your bond up until this moment. This is the time for you to really be there for your partner through thick and thin. At the end of the day, isn’t that what true love is?


Leo Single: The Universe Is Unpredictable For You

While we wish we could predict exactly what’s in store for you, we have no clue. The Leo energy seems to be all over the place during the Virgo season, so there’s no way of finding out what’s going to happen this month.

Instead, you’re just going to have to keep on living your normal everyday life hoping that you’ll find that special someone!

The best advice that we can give you is to make sure to put yourself out in the universe. Try some new things, meet some new people, and live a little. You never know where your Prince Charming is. But we can guarantee he won’t come knocking on your door (unless he’s the delivery man, of course).


Leo Taken: Talk All Your Issues Through

While there’s absolutely nothing for you to worry about this season, that doesn’t mean that you should stop trying. It’s key that you keep putting effort into your relationship to make sure that it works out between you and your man.

A few small issues are about to arise, and it’s key that you openly communicate with your partner!

If you do this simple task, you two will experience smooth sailing. If instead, you stay quiet about what’s going on, your relationship will spiral out of hand.

The last thing that you want is to let small issues cause a huge fight in the future. Be careful, the Virgo season can do exactly this if you aren’t willing to work with your man.


Cancer Single: Mr. Right Is Just Around The Corner

The relationship that you’ve been dying to have is just around the corner. It seems like you’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to find your dream partner. Finally, all of your hard work is about to pay off as the man of your dreams is ready to sweep you off your feet.

Try to find this special someone before the summer comes to an end!

You’ll be surprised where you end up meeting Mr. Right. We know you were totally hoping to have that iconic summer romance, but going into the fall with a new man is more the real deal.

Just remember that you completely deserve this new relationship and to keep following your heart!


Cancer Taken: A Relationship Takes Effort From Both People

While there’s no negative energy that’s about to target your relationship, we do have some advice. You have to remember that a relationship can only grow and flourish if both people are constantly putting in the effort.

We have a prediction that either you or your partner are about to get a little lazy and not contribute as much as you should to one another.

This is the last thing you want as one person can’t keep the spark alive between two people. If you find yourself acting this way, you have to figure out what’s going on. If instead, your partner seems a little distant, it’s time for you two to have a serious talk.


Pisces Single: Open Yourself Up To The Next Person

It seems like the main reason you just can’t find love is because you’re constantly terrified of opening up and being judged. The universe totally smells this fear and hasn’t been willing to send you your dream man since your insecurities will only push him away.

Luckily, if you’re willing to finally put yourself out there this Virgo season, you may find your perfect match.

You’ll be happier than ever, but only if you change your ways. If instead you keep to yourself and are terrified of opening up, your man will just leave the picture.

The universe is more than willing to be there for you, but only if you put in the hard work on your end. Open yourself up to the endless possibilities of love!


Pisces Taken: The Two Of You Are Stronger Than Ever

It seems like out of all of the couples during this Virgo season, you and your man will be happier than ever. You have absolutely nothing to worry about as only positive energy is to come your way.

After all, you and your partner have worked incredibly hard to bring you to the point where you are now, so it’s only right that the universe sends some love your way.

You’ll feel as if you two are only connecting, even more, this season as you’re just so head over heels for each other. Give your partner some much-deserved affection and especially your time. Maybe take a little trip together to close off the wonderful summer and start a new chapter into fall.


Libra Single: All Of Your Positive Thinking Might Just Pay Off

If there’s any Zodiac sign who has been totally positive, it’s totally you. Your awesome energy has kept you motivated that one day you’ll meet your dream man.

You definitely understand that this person isn’t just anyone, and instead should be the perfect person you’ve always desired.

Luckily, you might just meet this special someone in the month to come.

It’ll feel like all of the positive thinking that you constantly did had paid off. If there’s anyone who deserves to finally find themselves in such a loving relationship, it’s totally you.

Keep up the positive vibes and you’ll attract endless lovers your way, but only one will be just right.


Libra Taken: You Might Find Yourself Getting Incredibly Irritated

While there are no tornados coming your way, you might experience some rainy days in your love life. It just seems like you and your partner are about to get a little irritated at one another for no good reason whatsoever.

There are no terrible hardships coming your way, but it’s time that you put in a little effort.

You’ll find yourself completely shocked as to how much you and your partner’s relationship will spiral out of control just from little issues. Even though you might find yourself irritated, it’s key that you still choose your words carefully and respect your partner.


Scorpio Single: It’s Never Too Late To Meet Someone New

Just because you’ve found yourself single for what seems like forever, doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. You totally know that you’ve been hiding in your comfort zone and aren’t willing to try new things.

Yet, if you finally open yourself up to what’s to come, you’ll be completely shocked as to how easily you’ll find the perfect person.

Stop obsessing and trying to figure out why you haven’t met someone, and instead try something new.

You can’t keep hiding in your little bubble of comfort when you know what you desire is out in the unknown. It’s time that you go on a self-defining adventure to get what you want.


Scorpio Taken: Don’t Give Up When It Gets Tough

While we definitely don’t want to freak you out, you should understand that some rough waters are coming your way. All that really matters is whether you and your man can get through this difficult period.

If the two of you haven’t created a loving and trusting foundation, prepare to see your relationship fall to pieces.

If instead the two of you endlessly support one another with everything that is to come, all will be okay. We’re more than positive that the two of you will be able to get through this difficult time. Just remember that it’s going to take some hard work and communication to do so.


Sagittarius Single: Learn To Love Yourself, And He’ll Come Along

You definitely agree that you have to focus on yourself first before finally getting into your dream relationship. It seems like common sense that you can’t love someone if you don’t love yourself first.

If you haven’t yet come to terms with who you truly are, every relationship that you find yourself in will just crumble.

You won’t be able to love if you just don’t love yourself. The universe understands this more than anyone and hasn’t sent anyone special your way.

Once you come to terms with who you are and your desires, everything else will finally fall into place for you. You’ll be shocked to see your love life flourish in all of the ways you always dreamed it would.


Sagittarius Taken: Get Ready For Some Rocky Waters

Let us just say it straight: this is going to be a crazy stressful time coming up for you and your man. It’s going to seem like the whole world is against your relationship this month. The good news is the Virgo season will only last a month, the bad news is this month is going to seem like forever.

Get ready to have all of those little secrets finally fly out on the table for both of you. It’ll be completely shocking times that you just weren’t expecting.

Yet, if you think you and your partner can handle this, we’re sure you can. They key is to be incredibly truthful with your partner, and all will be okay.


Capricorn Single: Don’t Rush Things

While you’re about to finally meet the person that seems like the love of your life, make sure to not rush anything. The last thing you want to do is scare your partner off because you’re coming on as clingy and obsessed.

Instead, keep things fun with someone new and give them some space!

We guarantee that your lover will be running your way if they’re as head over heels for you as we predict. You totally deserve this new person that’s about to come your way.

Just remember to make sure to put your best foot forward as a new relationship requires constant effort from both people. Enjoy your newfound love as the summer comes to a close!


Capricorn Taken: Find A Way To Reconnect With Your Partner

It seems like you and your partner are slowly losing touch. This issue will grow even more once Virgo season comes into effect and truly takes a toll on you two.

While you might be trying to tell yourself that the two of you are simply super busy, there’s likely more going on.

If you want to actually see your relationship grow, you’re going to have to put in some serious effort. If the two of you keep heading down the road you already are, it’s just not going to work out at all.

Make sure to respect your partner and show him that you care through giving him endless attention. This is a serious time to reconnect with your boo.


Gemini Single: It’s Not The Right Time

We totally get that you might be bummed out to hear that it’s just not the right time for you. Instead, you should spend some time on your own, away from any relationship.

Just because the Virgo season doesn’t have any prospects lined up doesn’t mean it will always be like this!

The universe just wants you to focus on yourself for a little. Figure out your new goals into September, maybe pick up a hobby, or finish up that things to do list.

You have to focus on yourself first before finding yourself in a new relationship with someone else. This way you won’t feel like there’s anything holding you back when you finally meet the right one!


Gemini Taken: If It’s Time To Break Apart, Let It Be

While we’re guessing this may not have been what you wanted to hear, we’re not here to sugarcoat it. Virgo season is just totally against you and there’s probably nothing that you can do.

If you and your partner can’t handle the rocky issues that are about to come up, maybe you two shouldn’t be together.

While this might be a terrible idea to even consider, it’s the absolute truth. Take some time to figure out if your relationship still has a chance to survive, or if there’s just no point in trying.

Remember, that if your love is strong and you’ve cultivated a foundation of trust, you two can make it work


Taurus Single: Good Things To Come

Let loose and live a little since Prince Charming is just right around the corner. We totally get that it feels like you’ve been single forever, but your luck is just about to change!

We predict that a special someone is about to enter the picture and you’ll fall head over heels for them!

Even though a new lover awaits you, remember to stay true to yourself and all of your goals. You’d be shocked to find how often we forget about putting ourselves first in a new relationship.

Also, we have to warn you to make sure not to ignore any red flags. Just because you’ve been single for what seems like forever, doesn’t mean that you should just jump into any relationship without caution.


Taurus Taken: Nothing But Smooth Sailing For You

If there’s any couple that has nothing to worry about this Virgo season, it’s totally you and your partner. Stop stressing over little issues in your life and look around at all of the wonderful things (and people) that you already have!

There’s no point in stressing over things you can’t control, so concentrate on giving your attention to your man! The two of you are stronger than ever and you should celebrate that.

Spend these last couple of days of summer together enjoying the warm sun and wild air. Make some awesome memories before the coming fall sweeps you away.


Virgo Single: You’ve Been Waiting For This Moment

Throw on your best dress and favorite shade of lipstick and prepare to meet the love of your life. You’ll feel like everything is finally coming together the way you always dreamed it would.

All of your endless daydreamings will finally come to an end as you’ll feel like you’re in a movie!

You’ve put endless effort into putting yourself out there and you deserve this opportunity more than anyone. We couldn’t be more thrilled that you’ll finally get the chance to run off into the sunset with your new lover.

You might get some interesting feedback from the people around you on this new person, but we recommend you just ignore them.


Virgo Taken: Someone New Might Enter The Picture

We completely understand that this is the last thing you want to hear, but you should be well aware of this. There’s a huge chance that someone new is about to enter the picture into your relationship.

This might mean that either you or your partner are interested in someone new, or someone is interested in you or your partner.

We totally hope it’s the second one, but you should be prepared for both. It’s completely key to be open with your partner if anything is fishy on your end in hopes that he will do the same.

You just have to hope that your relationship is strong enough to deal with this new person entering the picture!


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