7 Important Dream Symbols You Should Always Pay Attention To

7 Important Dream Symbols You Should Always Pay Attention To

7 Important Dream Symbols You Should Always Pay Attention To 1Dreams take us in a surreal world where our unconscious comes to life. Just in that state, our deepest part that loves us and knows what is best for us, sends us messages through symbols that usually have unique meanings.
Here are some …


Seven Dream Symbols And Their Meanings

1.) Boxes

If you dream boxes this means that you keep something hidden away from you. An empty box probably indicates a sense of disappointment. Dream of many boxes indicates emotional problems and the need to hide them.


2.) Phones

Dreaming a ringing phone means that a part of your personality finally came into contact with you. That ring could represent an opportunity that is coming around the corner. If you were not answering the phone, your unconscious might tell you that you’re ignoring some messages.


3.) The moon

Dreaming the moon usually indicates that you’re hiding some side of your personality. What you hide, is usually your most creative or sensitive side because the moon represents the feminine part that is in you.


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4.) Roads

dream roadThe road represents the journey of life. If it looks paved and linear, it could point  that one of your choice will bring simple solutions. If it’s cloudy, foggy and hard to navigate, you should analyze whether you have made the right choices for your future.


5.) Flowers

Dreaming of seeing on a flower on a grass shows that new opportunities are about to be  introduced in you life. The germination of the plants could mean that some seeds planted will grow and become beautiful shrubs. Dream of dead flowers, however, may indicate a chapter of your life being over.


6.) Water

The water, in your dreams, reflects the ambition in life. If the water that you dream about is the sea, this could indicate the chance of a lifetime and the right time to take some risks. If the water is shallow streams or small ponds this could mean that someone is making it easier for you to achieve your dreams!


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7.) Flying

dream flyingFlying in a dream is typically classified as a lucid dream. These types of dreams are a wake up call from your subconscious mind. Flying can mean you’re having difficulties in your waking life that you are trying to rise above.

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Top 60 Dreams Symbols And Their Meanings

Dreams are like personal letters from the subconscious mind. Events and emotions in your waking life trigger your dreams. If you repeatedly have the same dream you subconscious is trying to send you a message. Here is an in depth analysis of the top 60 dreams and meanings.

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5 Responses

  1. LTS says:

    Dream symbolism is subjective/ not quite so absolute. Other explanations for each of the above symbols (depending on context and personal associations for each):
    boxes – self-imposed limits
    phones – calling you, guidance trying to connect/ you calling, you seeking guidance
    moon – creativity, feminine energy, maternal instincts or emotional situations
    roads – your direction in life. Up is direction of “progress”; left-intellect; right-intuition, but many more factors to consider…
    flowers – many aspects to consider before interpretation, but appearing on their own – “growth”
    water – situations having to do with emotional body
    flying – situations having to do with the spiritual/ faith/ philosophical/ “higher mind”

  2. david gates says:

    I agree but also note that if you go into a bookstore, pick out 3 Dream Symbolism books and look up the meaning of something, like a cat…and you get 3 different meanings of the symbolism. 20 years ago I stopped reading symbol books and concentrated instead on what the symbol meant to ME….because they we’re MY dreams =)

What do you think?