23 Ways To Recognize Crystal Children

23 Ways To Recognize Crystal Children

23 Ways To Recognize Crystal Children


1. Large clear eyes which seem to see right through you.

2. Immediately likable, they are beings of pure love and people are drawn to them.

3. Deeply affectionate, their hugs will feel sincere and meaningful.

4. Start talking later in toddler years.

5. Vibrational beings and may have a gift for music and singing.

6. Highly psychic with no need for developing these skills.

7. Telepathic communicators you will feel them before you hear them.

8. May carry autism or Asperger’s spectrum labels.

9. Peaceful and loving toward all.

10. Protective of planet.

11. Compassionate and forgiving.

12. Their radiant vibration transforms those around them.

13. Highly sensitive both emotionally and environmentally. The Crystal children may be affected by loud sounds, chaotic surroundings, smells & textures.

14. Allergies and food intolerances – because of their more finely tuned frequency, they may have multiple food allergies and cannot endure chemicals and GMOs.

15. Animal Lovers.

16. Vegetarians at an early age – they can feel the pain of others and don’t desire to contribute toward suffering.

17. Empathic – in feeling everything around them, may not know the distinction between their emotions and those they experience in others.

18. Love crystals, rocks and gems – drawn to all things from the earth (even dirt!) they can elicit healing abilities through their connection with crystals.

19. Direct connection to Spirit – feel close to angels, ancestors and many have past life memories in tact.

20. Artistic and creative – coupled with sensitive and loving nature, they see the world through rose colored glasses and invite us to move into more compassion.

21. Fearless – due to their intuitive connection to the planet, they tend to know their boundaries better than we as parents may be comfortable. They are avid climbers and explorers yet not always mindful of the limitations of their little physical bodies.

22. Parents often are Indigos.

23. Internal governing force – My daughter once channeled through a psychic stating “It must be hard to raise a fully ascended being!” Boy was she right! These kids are ancient souls who are impatient with the limitations of their young bodies. They are eager to grow up and often know better than us what will serve them. Sleep schedules, food choices and arbitrary rules don’t fly easily as they innately know what is better for them than our idea of parenting permits.

The blessings of these beings of light are certainly making our world an easier, kinder and gentler place to inhabit. When we can honor their teachings and new ways, we are more easily moving into a new vibration of consciousness. It will be these brave and delightful souls who show us the ways of the New Earth and herald in a golden age of peace.


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10 Responses

  1. Crystal says:

    Toxoplasmosis found in livestock which is an STD food containing this bacteria is packaged and sold. American government claims to pay approximately 7 billion annually giving antibiotics to farm animals Women’s farms association sterilization of intellectually impaired now prescribed birth control ( horse urine) psychiatric medications. Human DNA compromised with diseases which require anaimal components to support live growth of compromised cells (sheeps blood agar/powder dehydrated organs/Lysed horse blood) therefore this hybrid human shared DNA with animal. Pestilence…

    Psychiatric drug artificially can cause lactation in women. Immunity to birth control. Sales of spermatozoa and ovum. Human traffcking ( Japanese government which conducted human experimentation at unit 631 injection of women with syphillis gonarea along with other extreme acts of torturous experiments removing limbs alive and awake -claimed to be “host” granted scientists asylum in U.S.A for a trade of experimental results hormones in food bring on early onset of puberty in female. Horse urine/birth control tendices to create blood clots … abstinence options copper IUDs for the immune Gaia arranged DNA (marriage). Virologist the matrix injection of stolen ovum and spermatozoa (IVF) without consent/compensation. Compromised DNA with hunted species human alien (part animal) The host. Violation of our body parts and blood are not for sale nor to be consumed, violated or fed to livestock (British Columbia farmer feeds women to pigs) Church in British Columbia 2017 pays $80 thousand to ship 6 horned hybrid sheep to Israel (2nd coming of Christ) (Von Wilderbrand/Doberman dog/human) hemophiliac thickening of blood extremely rapid increase in society, common effects brought on with snake venom.

  2. Crystal (HeyokaLotus) says:

    Ever consumed eruptions of conflicting anger engulfed. A unified symbiotic pleasurable dance restored, an existence mutually respected and adored. Future sacrifice viewed as a nurturing lending hand. Future sacrifice viewed as a nurturing lending hand. Ambitious resolved, exist in the present. Justice of pastto be future acceptance to take a step down with this plea for action.
    Let the children awaken to align forthright independently reign freedom & infinite solitude.

  3. Crystal (HeyokaLotus) says:

    Horse urine birth control will cause blood clots in Crystal children the copper IUD marina is solution other than abstaining. FYI

  4. Crystal (HeyokaLotus) says:

    No Marina IUD

  5. Crystal (HeyokaLotus) says:

    I see no such thing as love. A farce to consume, poses and control. Submit to another’s ways a tale of ultimatums and conditions. My soul ascended not for you to be bound with assumption of empty thoughts of loss.? A longing in the flesh to hold accountable my personal choice. To abstain from this empty threat we call love. I am fuelled by Pharaoh,Rah,Allah,Priest,Mother Earth, & Thy Lordship
    My soul is woven to many for when we rise from the ash.
    We have out oaths, it is not in love which I desire. Our oaths are of rage, anger & spite. We find ours in that which is disposable. I willing walk from love.
    ”Tis not I broken it is you; that you may assume shackled at ones side is worth integrity and value.
    My love is garbage
    Gather the garbage see for yourselves. The poison you created. Enjoy the vile. As for I am infinite evolution at hand to bind my soul from thee.

  6. Crystal says:

    Inconspicuous, misconstrued, misconduct, misconception, presumption.
    Artificial imagination of the human mind, heart, body, soul, & DNA.
    Controlled & consumed by and for prophet.
    Intimacy violated with fractal portions of suggestions.
    The sister church, United broke off the Vatican in an attempt of deception and power of suggestion Lords as father and intimate, vile wretched chaos distraction of the divine and violation to the body and individuals choice, submission in fear of subliminal unknown. A labyrinth of dimensions dissected. The divine fertility of male & female infinite purity evolved. Questioning origin and integrity, wisdom and intuition forgiveness for the purified afterlife.
    Violation by church, politics & science in meaning without empathy clarity forsaken.
    The new World consists of the desended ascending.

  7. Crystal says:

    I see no such thing as love. A farce to consume, possesses and control.
    Submit to another’s ways a tale of fact or fiction condition.
    Submit to another’s ways. A tale of ultimate and conditions.
    My soul not for you .
    You be bound assumptions of empty thoughts of loss.
    A longing in the flesh to hold accountable my personal choice.
    To abstain from this empty threat we call love.
    I am fuelling by Divine the true wisdom, purity & fertility ISIS the fatal women Gaia of infinity.

  8. Crystal says:

    Boundaries bonded. Forgiveness forgotten. The solace sought violated, what must I do to bear balance and solidarity for ovum & I? I have found comfort in the acquaintance & partial acceptance of man & woman. I fear not a hope for that which portrays separation. Only opens the trust and refuge of that which was an embrace in a moment. Not torn apart, but internal abstaining and purifying. The rest disgusts and disgraced. Cast the wicked being off my path and out of my childhood’s walk way. May your dark soul consume you infinitely.

  9. Crystal says:

    Animal kingdom DNA strands found in those with animal instinct towards indigo/crystal/blu ray children (DNA high white blood cells)

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