Intuitive Astrology: Black Super New Moon July-August 2019

black super new moon

On July 31st or August 1st, depending on the time zone you live in, we have a Black Super Moon in the sign of Leo.

A Black Moon is the name that is given to the second New Moon in a calendar month. Even though some countries will experience this New Moon in August, it is still considered a Black Moon due to its proximity to the start of the month.

This Black Moon is also a Super Moon, meaning that it’s nice and close to planet Earth. When this happens, the tides are more affected by the vibrations of the Moon, and so too are we.

The Black Super New Moon also brings the start of a new lunar cycle, and this new cycle comes after a series of very potent and transformative Eclipses.

In many ways, the start of this new cycle will be helping us to integrate and settle into the wounds, transformations, and changes the July Eclipses may have triggered.

If the Eclipses have stirred things or brought change in your life, this Black Moon will allow you to soften into what has unfolded so you can begin figuring out your next steps and seeing things in a new way.

Under the influence of this Black Moon, potential and new beginnings will begin filling the cosmic skies however, we are going to have to take things slow and give the energies time to work their magic, as around the same time as the Black Moon, Mercury will be preparing to come out retrograde. 

New Moons have the potential to draw things to us which is why they are a great time to set intentions, but with all this new energy floating around and the effects of Mercury Retrograde, we may have to sit with ourselves first before we can know which intention is best for us.

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We have changed. The Eclipses have elevated us. They have transformed us, and we have to make sure that our intentions are a reflection of that.

We can certainly be inspired by this New Moon and think about what we want to bring into our lives, but we do have to be patient, get still with our breath, and tune into our hearts to allow the energy of the cosmos to integrate with the energy of our soul.

If we do, we will be able to take that hit of fresh inspiration that is waiting for us and make magic with it.

As this New Moon falls in Leo, we are also going to be encouraged to take greater ownership and leadership of our lives.

We all have the power to take control and to take charge of our lives; we all have it in us to make the decisions we need for a brighter future.

No one knows us as well as we know ourselves, so under this Black Moon, take time to retreat within and to get cozy with whatever is in your heart.

You are intuitive, you know what is right for you and what is wrong. Stop fighting against what you think you should do and settle into the truth of your being.

Repeat to yourself- “I know myself, I trust myself, I know what is right for me.” 

Under the Leo Black Moon, we all have to tap into that courageous lion energy and remember that deep down we always know what is best for ourselves.

Leo also rules over the heart, making this a perfect time to think about working with heart energies.

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Imagine pushing up all the anxious energy you have in your gut straight into your heart. Imagine pushing down all the foggy energy you have in your brain straight into your heart.

Imagine these streams of energy entering your heart and shifting and transforming it into wisdom, truth, and something that is drenched in love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

There is a reason that Leo is ruled over by the heart and that is because the lion is the most courageous and is the best ruler of its domain when it is leading with the heart, when it is leading with love.

Under the spell of this Black Moon, remember: you know yourself. In fact, if there was a mantra for this Black New Moon it would be- “no one knows you better than you know yourself.”

You know what is right, you know what is best for you, you know which way you need to travel and what you need to do.

Tune into the courage you have inside of you and begin navigating these fresh energies with love leading the way.

Black Super New Moon Ritual Coming Soon!

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