Advice You Should Follow During The New Moon In Pisces 2019, According To Your Zodiac Sign

new moon in pisces 2019

What’s your favorite lunar phase? Just so you know, the energy of each moon phase represents a different plan of action, which is why I’m going to share some much-needed¬†advice you should follow during the new moon in Pisces 2019, according to your zodiac sign. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, what exactly is the new moon phase?

Well, put it this way, stargazers: Whenever there’s a new moon, the sun and moon are coupled in the same sign, and on the same side of the earth; hence the darkness. Nevertheless, this lunar phase is a clean slate from the heavens, and a symbol of renewal.

Also, given that the sun and moon will be swimming through the infinite depths of dreamy Pisces, it is important for us to set intentions that align with this mystical energy. For instance, new moons are an excellent time to reflect, clear the mind, and declutter your living space.

Meanwhile, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and a symbol of our divine consciousness, before we are reborn in the springtime. With that being said, this lunation is reminding us to dream, re-charge our batteries, and get plenty of rest. Moreover, themes of faith and surrender are very prominent during this time.

Speaking of which, the new moon in Pisces will be taking place on Mar. 6 at 11:04 a.m. ET, and it will be stimulated by a number of celestial energies. For starters, the moon will be sitting close to Neptune, aka Pisces’ planetary ruler, and this will immediately sharpen our intuitive downloads, while coloring our subconscious world, and imagination.

BTW, this new moon is taking place on the very same day Uranus enters Taurus, adding extra oomph, electricity, and surprises to our new beginnings. All I can say is, expect the unexpected, stargazers!

In the meantime, however, see my advice below, as per your zodiac sign:

Aries: Trust the process

I know, Aries. You were born ready. However, patience is a virtue, and you must remember one thing: You are a spiritual being living a human experience. Listen to your body, and try not to push yourself too hard.

Taurus: You are not alone

There’s no such thing as another you, but there’s definitely groups of people who actually accept you for who you are. Open your heart, and free your mind, Taurus. Go out there and find your magical tribe.

Gemini: The world is your oyster

You can do anything you put your mind to, Gemini. What will it take to make your professional dreams become reality? What do you want to be recognized for? Remember to have faith, and believe in yourself.

Cancer: Open your heart to the possibilities

What are you afraid of, Cancer? Venturing into unknown territory is intimidating, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be the best decision you ever made. Don’t limit yourself. Surrender to the unknown.

Leo: Have more faith in yourself

We all have a past… even you, Leo. Thinking too ahead, or too far back, is what causes anxiety. Be present in the moment. Let go, and let God. Forgive yourself, and those who have wronged you. Set yourself free.

Virgo: Be more compassionate in your relationships

Are you being authentic in your current partnerships? Perhaps you’re giving too much of yourself, or vise versa? Set boundaries for yourself, Virgo. Otherwise, the key is to completely merge with your S.O.

Libra: Be more mindful of your well-being

What’s missing in your current routine? How can you create a magical space for your mental, physical, and spiritual well being? Have compassion for yourself, Libra. Your health comes before anything else.

Scorpio: You are a magical being

What inspires you? What makes you completely and utterly authentic? Don’t be afraid to tap into what brings you joy, Scorpio. Your muse is electric, and this is your chance to create all sorts of magic.

Sagittarius: Make room for your emotional life

What makes you feel secure? Are you in a good place emotionally? Your feelings count, too. Have compassion for yourself, and what makes you feel safe. Your home is your sanctuary, both within and without.

Capricorn: Put your dreamy thoughts into words

Speak your truth. There are so many thoughts swirling through your mind, and I’m pretty sure they’re as magical as you. You have a voice, and using your words can be healing to yourself, and others.

Aquarius: You possess magical qualities

Your values might be out of this world to some, but they’re still just as valid. Ever wondered what would happen if you tapped into your unique gifts? Remember who you are, Aquarius. You are magic.

Pisces: Your spirit is infinite

You can be anything you want to be, Pisces. Don’t limit yourself. Instead, color your world with the things you love most, and make space for your spirit to wander freely. Your soul glows in the dark.


This was originally published by Elite Daily.


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