August 5, 2019 Will Be The Worst Week For These Zodiac Signs, But You’re Also Growing

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Astrology is full of complexity and nuance. Even if all the transits in the sky are beautiful and pleasant by nature, there’s no guarantee it will feel positive for you. This is because each transit hits your chart in its own unique way; while something could feel so energizing and powerful for someone else, it could just as easily feel challenging for you. Keep this in mind when I say that August 5, 2019 will be the worst week for these zodiac signs, because there’s still the possibility you’ll enjoy it.

With Leo season underway and eclipse season behind us, things are starting to look up, regardless of what your zodiac sign is. However, Leo season is still its own monster, and the energy will either crash over you or wash over you. Chances are, if your sun or rising happens to be in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you’ll find this week’s astrological forecast to be a bit stormier than usual.

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But don’t be discouraged, because this week will also be filled with opportunities for growth and healing. Even though the transits are touching on areas of the chart that are sensitive for these zodiac signs, they could still walk away with a fuller heart.

When the sun forms a trine with eye-opening and soulful Jupiter on Aug. 7, you’ll experience so much clarity. This will give you a chance to truly implement some positive work into yourself, so don’t let it pass you by. A few days later, on Aug. 11, Venus — planet of love and beauty — will also form a trine with Jupiter. This infuses your relationships and sense of self with a truly warm and adventurous energy.

Keeping all of this in mind, here’s what the following zodiac signs can expect this week:

Taurus: You’re Dealing With Some Sensitive Issues At Home

You’re in the midst of a sensitive period where you’re in your feelings and in need of emotional comfort. You might not feel like being out and about. Instead, you might feel more like tending to your home. As both the sun and Venus form a trine with Jupiter this week, however, you can infuse some major love and care into your space. You can also heal relationships with your family, whether they’re chosen family or blood relatives.

Even though home might be a touchy subject for you, remember you have the power to create your own home.

Virgo: Your Thoughts And Memories Are Especially Powerful

If you feel like you’re existing in a dream state lately, it’s no wonder. The sun is in your 12th house of spirituality and you’re steeped in your subconscious world. You might be needing more alone time than usual. Even though difficult memories may be resurfacing, there is an opportunity for some serious healing this week when both the sun and Venus form a trine with Jupiter. You can come to terms with secrets you’ve been harboring and nurture yourself by clarifying your feelings.

No matter what, you have the power to reach a sense of completion this week. Give yourself time to truly embrace whatever you’re going through.

Capricorn: Your Feelings Are Intense And You Desire Connection

You might be feeling way more intense than usual about everything now that the sun is in your eighth house of death and rebirth. You’re probably craving deeper connections with others, but at the same time, you’re forced to let go of attachments from your past. However, when the sun and Venus form a trine with Jupiter this week, a serious transformation may be on the horizon and it will give you a glimpse of all the good to come.

If you’re feeling lost, hang in there. A path toward success is bound to reveal itself.

This article was originally published by Elite Daily.


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