Intuitive Astrology: Chiron Retrograde 2019


Chiron goes retrograde in Aries on July 8th until December 12th, 2019. This is the first retrograde Chiron has made since it entered Aries back in February of this year and during this time we will all be getting a gentle refresher before we move forward deeper into the work.

Chiron is known as the “wounded healer” and will spend until 2027 in the constellation of Aries. This long cycle means we will have plenty of time to work through the lessons and get used to the energy, however July 8th is a day of particular importance.

On this day, Chiron stands still before beginning its apparent backward movement through the cosmos. This pivotal day is one where we can really harness and lessons that are being sent our way, if we only stop and pay attention.

Chiron spends a good part of the year in retrograde, so it is hard to work out the themes and lessons during this period as eventually, we get settled into the energy and forget that it is there.

However, on the days that Chiron goes retrograde and goes direct, these are the times where we can get our clues. These are the times when the lessons of Chiron in Aries are felt on the deepest of levels.

This year, Chiron also goes retrograde in between two very potent Eclipses, so while it may be hard to hear Chiron’s voice amongst all the other energies, there are a few things we should pay attention to:

1.) Our physical health and well-being: Chiron rules over healing, and Aries rules over the head. We may need to pay attention to illnesses involving the head, sinuses or eyes and to look deeper to ensure we are taking care of ourselves and listening to the wisdom of our body.

2.) Our mental health and well-being: Chiron in Aries wants us to become authentic leaders of our own lives. It wants us to be proactive and to step out of the victim mindset. If we haven’t been doing this, we may receive a wake-up call or we may find that our thoughts around a particular situation or belief start to change.

3.) Our emotional well-being: Chiron in Aries wants us to stand up for ourselves! If we have been failing to do so, or need to set some boundaries, issues in these areas may present themselves. This energy may also awaken old anger and push it to the surface for clearing.

4.) Our spiritual well-being: Chiron in Aries will be guiding us to ask- “Who am I?”We may have to get real with ourselves on a deeper level and to figure out if our motivation for doing something is aligned with the person we want to be.

5.) Our soul well-being: Chiron in Aries will be guiding us to reach levels of self-acceptance like never before. We all have wounds, we have all experienced traumas, and reaching a level of acceptance with this and knowing that despite it all we can still be whole, is the path to healing under this energy.

Chiron in Aries wants to see us step up in authenticity. It wants to see us become the leaders of our own lives. It wants us to become the truest and most courageous version of ourselves.

It doesn’t want us to get bogged down in thinking we are not good enough or worthy enough to lead the life of our dreams. It doesn’t want us to feel that the nightmares of our past mean we are disqualified from having a brighter and more meaningful future.

We don’t need to wear our wounds as a badge of honor. Instead we can just allow them to become part of who we are. We can allow them to lift us and guide us to become more compassionate, more caring, more trusting, and more loving people.

If you want to dig deeper into the work of Chiron in Aries, think back to what was happening for you around the following dates:

See if you can find any common themes or feelings that were taking place at this time, as this will help you to uncover more of what Chiron’s journey in Aries has in store for you.

After Chiron goes retrograde on July 8th, we will have a total of six celestial bodies in retrograde, meaning the cosmos is really guiding us to slow down, reflect, and to visit the past before moving forward.

July is a really pivotal month, but as Chiron is all about healing on the deepest of levels, take some time to honor this and to think about what messages and dreams Chiron is bringing your way.

Once Chiron goes direct again on December 12, 2019, we will all be ready to enter that next phase of healing brought to us by Chiron in Aries energy.


This was originally published by Forever Conscious.


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