Your Date of Birth Can Reveal Your Personality and Your Destiny

Your-Date-of-Birth-Can-Reveal-Your-Personality-and-Your-Destiny.jpgWhat’s your Birth Day of Month? This simple question can reveal secrets we hide inside.

Each day of Month is drenched with the power of the Numbers.

Although most of the times, numerology requires detailed charts and sophisticated calculations, this simple straight-forward question may easily shed some light on our destiny.


Birth Day of Month

We love Numerology because we find it really helpful. The world we live in – the material world – is built on patterns.

This simple observation was well established in Ancient Greece. Occult and philosophical schools put much effort on describing and defining the power of the numbers.

Sure, Numerology might take some years to master, but are you curious to see if this simple question can reveal valuable information?

TIP. Combine the Day of the Month with the Day of the Week.   This is What Your Day of Birth Reveals About You

Lets begin.


1st of any month: A born Leader

You are born with a natural ability to rule and express your power. Independence is a very important virtue for you.

You breathe fire of creativity. Thus you can become a great self-employed individual. On the other hand, the ego-centrism might bring problems in your relationships.


2nd of any month: A born Diplomat

You are born with empathic abilities. Balance and intuition are the keys for a happy life.

You want to see smiles on everybody’s faces and you warm heart might easily get broken by people who just don’t get you.

Beauty, art and music can help you bring balance in your life. You work great in co-operations.


3rd of any month: A born Enthusiast

The spark of creativity burns in your heart and its light shines in your eyes.

This “X-factor” attracts people around you who truly believe that you have something special on your aura.

This charisma can help you in all parts of your life, especially if your work has to do with publicity.


4th of any month: A born Reliable

People seem to be attracted by your ability to give them hope and power.

It seems that many around you depend on you and your trustworthy character.

You are a hard working person but at the same time you are sensitive. Be careful of your energy levels though as they easily get depleted.


5th of any month: A born Socialiser

Your communication skills seem invaluable.

Everyone around you get easily fascinated by your words and this is a talent you can actually cultivate more to a very commercial extent.

Moreover, travelling can become very lucky for you (financially, professionally or personally).


6th of any month: A born Lover

Even from a young age you have a tendency to seek your other half.

Hence, you are whole only when you find it.

You see, you are a relationship-oriented person with the ability to make a very good family.

Somehow, empathically you feel the vibes of your beloved one and know exactly what to do.


7th of any month: A born Visionary

A highly developed intuition combined with philosophical tendency and a very sharp mind.

You are truly a born Visionary.

Your ideas can change the world. Unfortunately you tend to get influenced and ‘drained’ by others around you.

Therefore, you need to spend more time alone.


8th of any month: A born Boss

The power which is in you is remarkable.

This is why you should choose to work alone as you don’t easily get along with partners.

Probably, it’s because of your control issues which have to do with your power.

You also have a great sense of how to acquire more money. Use this along with power and the results will be remarkable.


9th of any month: A born Genius

Although not always very obvious you are indeed my friend a born genius.

Your wise traits often push you to acquire even more experiences in order to further broaden your horizons.

There are many times in your life when things mysteriously screw up.

This is because this life you’re are living has an exceptional karmic significance. But you already know that… Use your wisdom!


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