Get Ready For A Huge Solar Storm & Prepare For Major Life Transformation


Everything in our universe is interconnected and woven together (similar to a spider’s web) with electronic currents that constantly change frequencies.

Some of the main contributors to this include technology, weather, temperature extremes, planetary activity, moon phases, eclipses, altitudes, exposure to sunlight, and in particular, solar or geomagnetic storms—which each have a profound effect on the human mind, body, and spirit.

We are about to feel the effects of these intense frequencies as a solar storm is on its way due to a coronal hole opening on the face of the sun, with streams of high-speed solar wind (hot plasma) being ejecting from it.

These winds are now traveling the 93 million miles from the sun to Earth at speeds that can reach up to 2,000,000 miles per hour, and the plasma is expected to reach our planet on Monday, August 20th, 2018, causing a geomagnetic storm that will last for approximately two to three days.

When this wind interacts with Earth’s magnetosphere, it becomes visible in the form of colorful light emissions, known as northern lights or auroras, that can be seen around the north and south poles.

When a coronal hole opens, magnetic solar wind erupts and escapes the sun’s surface and enters space. The highly-charged wind plasma contains free-floating electrons which scatter sunlight and buffet Earth’s magnetic field (or protective bubble) resulting in noticeable friction here on Earth.

The frequency disruption can cause power grid fluctuations, disruption to navigation systems, impacts on high-frequency radio waves, possible damage to satellites orbiting Earth, and also the confusion of mammals on beaches as their internal compass goes out of sync.

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Studies show that animals sense changes in Earth’s magnetic field, so it makes sense that humans also sense disturbance and feel their own auric field vibrating at a far higher rate, particularly those who are highly sensitive to energy.

Although Earth’s protective magnetosphere can shield us from solar storms, it is becoming weakened due to the movement of Earth’s magnetic poles, which means we are far more susceptible to the impacts of solar storms.

Solar storms awaken us at a cellular level and affect each of us uniquely. They are capable of causing major personal transformations, either positive or negative, and how we ride and survive them ultimately depends on the state of our emotional, mental, and physical health at the time of their arrival and as we go through them.

If our personal electromagnetic field is weak, as we are harboring low-frequency emotions in our subconscious, such as sadness, anger, hatred, resentment, and jealousy, this is what will be magnified and spill out when a solar storm hits.

Basically, anything lingering within our cellular memories, due to past trauma that has not yet been processed, will rise to the surface so it can finally be healed and cleansed from our system.

If we head into the storm with a positive, appreciative, and optimistic mindset, we will transcend old patterns of behavior, learn significant lessons, and vibrate at frequencies that allow us to attract and receive whatever we hope for and are mutually aligned with.

During the peak of the solar storm (August 20-21), we will likely experience temporary periods of reflection and frequently notice moments of déjà vu, intense waves of emotion, nostalgia, and may have vivid dreams or nightmares.

This is our system’s way of encouraging us to purge and process old memories and the stagnant emotions they hold so we can elevate beyond our pain and reach and maintain a state of peacefulness.

When we aren’t aware that a solar storm is occurring and that our consciousness is attempting to upgrade, we can easily become confused and emotionally unbalanced, as though we are on a roller-coaster of highs and lows, due to the constant flow of past personal data suddenly being brought to our attention.

This is why it is imperative we remain aware of the activity happening out in the universe so we can prepare for these challenging periods, and also so we can work with them and attain maximum benefit and soul growth.

The sun is believed to be the most powerful, inspirational, motivational, and influential cosmic body in relation to spiritual life, and it can dramatically alter how we perceive and process our reality.

It is situated at the center of our solar system and gravitationally forces all planets (including Earth), stars, asteroids, and comets to orbit around it. The sun is one of the main reasons that life exists, and it energetically charges living and nonliving entities.

Source: moon-child


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