Horoscope July 2017: What is July Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign

horoscope-JulySagittarius – Relationships Are Important –

Venus in Gemini, though opposed, stimulate you to live good relationship-based relationships. You will be less afraid to face the issues of the couple and your clarity will be a great ally to harmonize relationships.

You are slowly eliminating aspects of you that so far have limited your way of life, in favor of a new personal charge. Towards the end of the month you will also have a strong push to change the way where you feel there is nothing left anymore. New start on the horizon.


Capricorn – comparison time –

Months of comparisons and clarifications. You feel the need to make clear in many areas, especially in relationships. Cancer planets push you to be more inclusive and collaborative, though opposition creates a strong energy that could sometimes be used aggressively.

However, health will benefit from this situation because the energy you create creates physical activity and changes some unhealthy habits.


Aquarius – “A” as Amour –

If something has not gone well in these last few weeks in the field of romance and professional activity, then this month comes to the rescue. You will be beautiful thanks to the friendly Venus in Gemini and you will see that every situation you live will bring you joy and personal satisfaction.

For singles, this is an important month because important stories might be born. If you are already in pairs, it will be a good time when passion and love will awaken.


Pisces- lust for love –

It’s an interesting month because it awakens your passion, love for life, and what you do. It will be a time of fun and care that will also boost your quality of life. There is no more room for those who complain or cause you problems.

Feel strong the need to express your creative part and do it with joy. By the end of the month there will also be important news in the work section.


Author Akash On: Gostica.com



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