How To Love Each Zodiac Sign

How To Love Each Zodiac Sign

Everyone wants to be loved. Yet not everyone wants to be loved in the same way. Different people have different needs. We summed up for you what kind of love each and every zodiac sign is looking for. Let us know if we got it right!

How to love a(n)…



Let them do whatever crazy stuff they want, and when you can, join them. Tell them exactly how you feel about them, let them be free and never control them.



Be there for them no matter what. Never go missing. Don’t try to change them because they’re too stubborn to listen. Don’t hold a grudge and don’t leave when they get strong-willed and lash out.



Do something new and exciting every day. Never be boring. Let them pick the date activity, and don’t get worried or upset when they do fun things without you.

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Talk to them as often as possible, and let them vent to you. Cuddle them when they want to be cuddled but give them space when they ask for it. Never be upset with them for being honest with you.



Give them all the attention they deserve. Remind them that you’re the only one that they want, and remind them why they should be with you.

Tell them they look good. Take them out in public with you. Go for long drives with them.



Let them win the argument, even if it’s just a joke. Keep things simple and straightforward because they don’t like games or bullshit.

Never make them feel bad for being who they are, and let them be moody when they have to be.

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Cuddle them all the time. Tell them how beautiful they are and be a positive influence on their motivation.

Pick them up when they’re feeling down and go out of your way to make them feel better. Never lash out at them because they do not accept misplaced anger.



Make them feel like they’re in charge, even if they aren’t. Let them pay for stuff and show you off if they want to, and when they don’t, make sure you do it for them.

Always keep things positive and remind them you care about them. Don’t push them when they retreat into their Scorpio cave, and don’t desert them when they sting you with their Scorpio tail.



Keep in touch as often as possible. Lay around with them on lazy days. Make them coffee and pancakes and don’t expect a thank you (although you’ll definitely get one). Play with their hair and look into their eyes when you talk to them.

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Tell them how smart and hardworking they are. Remind them that they don’t have to be perfect, and help them relax when you can.

Support their endeavors no matter how draining they may be on them. Encourage them always to achieve their dreams and don’t stand in their way, even by accident.



Smile all the time. Tell them they’re cute. Hug them and remind them how much you care for them. Make them food when they’re being moody and don’t make fun of their emotions.

Never make them feel bad for seeming ‘lazy’, because they do most their work when no one is watching.



Show them affection in public but don’t be gross about it, pay attention to them even when there’s a lot of people around. Support their (many) emotions and never invalidate them, even when they’re irrational, and don’t put any more pressure on them than they’ve already put on themselves.

Tell them you love them, but make sure your actions convey the message louder than your words do. Don’t get distracted or a Pisces will take it personally and assume you’re losing interest.


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