How to Tell if Someone is Flirting With You Based on Zodiac Signs

How to Tell if Someone is Flirting With You Based on Zodiac Signs

Let’s see how the 12 signs are showing their attraction to others and identify their secret way of flirting. Maybe next time you will see your interaction with them from a different perspective.

Know these signs of flirting! 

The Signs of Flirting! 



How to tell if someone is flirting with you based on Zodiac SignsAries are usually extrovert and will want to let you know that you are in their game.

They will usually contact you first unless they have a different strategy in mind for you.

Sooner or later everything will be revealed. In general, their attraction to you will not go unnoticed.



How-to-tell-if-someone-is-flirting-with-you-based-on-Zodiac-Signs-toro.jpgTaurus is more introvert at flirting.

Usually, they engage more with the person they are interested in than they do with other people.

Search for signs of non-verbal communication, do they look at you more than usual, do they try to joke with you to catch your attention?

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Believe me, the “I belong to you, you belong to me” notion will reveal itself  but try to be patient, and when I say, patient, I mean very patient.



How-to-tell-if-someone-is-flirting-with-you-based-on-Zodiac-Signs-gemini.jpgWhat is this noise? Oh right it is the loud Gemini at the corner and he is talking about swimming which happens to be your favorite sport and now they talk about Shakespeare that you did your PhD on.

Yeah, you are right, this is not a coincidence. They have researched more about you!

Moreover, they are excellent at flirting and now they are trying to grab your attention. I say go for it.



CancerFar more subtle at flirting, they will show interest by asking about your everyday life and your health, your well-being of your mother, father, sister and brother…

They are the sweetest of the zodiac, so please take good care of them. 



How-to-tell-if-someone-is-flirting-with-you-based-on-Zodiac-Signs-leo.jpgI just met this guy last week and he brought me to a fancy restaurant, bought me flowers and took me to this cafe that has a massive waiting list to have a sip of a cup of coffee.

Yes, you are right, Leo is there and he is there to stay.

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Usually more generous than normal with the ones who are interested in they will try to give a good performance for your eyes only. 



How-to-tell-if-someone-is-flirting-with-you-based-on-Zodiac-Signs-virgo.jpgLook for the little things, deeply practical they will try to make your life easier and they expect you to notice.

When you are around them, they will notice all the details- who are you talking to, what are you wearing, how do you smell and all of that to ensure that you have checked all the boxes and to form their plan.

To make your life a better place as surely you will make theirs.



How-to-tell-if-someone-is-flirting-with-you-based-on-Zodiac-Signs-libra.jpgHave you ever heard of the expression ‘Scottish Shower’, well let me remind you the Katy Perry song you are hot and you are cold.

They will flirt with you, then they will play hard to get or uninterested, then repeat until you let your defences down.

All you need is to flirt them back and then wait for their move, that simple.


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