Where You Ignore The Truth In Life, According To Your Neptune Placement

neptune placement

The world looks gorgeous when you’re wearing rose-colored glasses, doesn’t it? But what happens when you take them off? You’re forced to confront the truth and face reality. Unfortunately, the contrast between what you’ve built up in your imagination and what’s actually real can feel so stark that it’s staggering.

In astrology, no planet will leave you feeling more confused than Neptune. Come to think of it, so many of your escapist tendencies have to do with where you ignore the truth in life, according to your Neptune placement.

Now, this is not to say Neptune is a liar. Instead, I would say Neptune is an artist because this is the planet of dreams, spirituality, and the subconscious. Without Neptune, there’d be no poetry, cinema, storytelling, fashion, or art. If Neptune were out of the picture, there would be no magic. This planet sprinkles fairy dust onto your reality so that it can become more bearable.

However, if you focus too much on fantasy and illusion, you’ll lose sight of what’s real and what’s not. Neptune blurs the distinction between fact and fiction, and too much influence from Neptune can leave you straying from your path and following false truths. Sooner or later, you might end up lost.

All of us have felt Neptune’s confusion at some point or another. If you’re wondering which part of your life Neptune could be influencing the most, write your birth information into a natal chart calculator and identify which astrological house it falls into.

If Neptune is in Your First House

Your identity is constantly shapeshifting. You may often feel confused about who you are, what you truly care about, and where you stand. Because you’re so sensitive, you probably have the tendency to avoid confrontation and commitment. You don’t want to make a permanent decision for yourself that you might regret later.

If Neptune is in Your Second House

You might not have the most realistic attitude towards money. It’s possible you often think you have way more money than you really do. It’s just as possible you might believe you’re far more financially challenged than you truly are. Either way, you might struggle to see your self-worth clearly.

If Neptune is in Your Third House

You probably prefer to process things intuitively and interpretively rather than logically. Following specific directions and remembering facts is not necessarily your strong suit, because details tend to confuse your right-brained nature. You’re probably known for embellishing the truth or speaking artistically rather than directly.

If Neptune is in Your Fourth House

You may have gone through life feeling confused about where you stand in your family and home life. It’s possible you’ve never felt like your relationship with your home has been stable or clearly defined. Perhaps you avoid seeing the flaws in your family. Maybe it’s hard for you to feel as though you’ve been taken care of by your loved ones.

If Neptune is in Your Fifth House

You crave fire, intensity, and artistic expression in all facets of life. You tend to get confused by a situation that is smooth sailing and it’s highly likely that you enjoy stirring the pot for the sake of some added excitement. In love, you might be susceptible to falling for the “idea” of someone rather than their actual personality.

If Neptune is in Your Sixth House

Embracing a routine might be difficult for you because you get bored by the idea of monotony. It’s common that you forget to accomplish tasks or consider day-to-day details because you’re either rushing or daydreaming. You’re likely an avid procrastinator and you often prefer to wait until the last minute to get things done.

If Neptune is in Your Seventh House

Your idea of a relationship may be based more on fantasy than reality. You may ignore red flags in a partnership because you believe what you want to believe. It’s possible that you or your partner tend to have a hard time defining the terms for the relationship. You may also have a tendency to withdraw from the world with your partner.

If Neptune is in Your Eighth House

You may avoid considering the nuances of a situation and favor extremes. Seeing things in either black or white might make more sense to you, even if so much detail gets lost in between. It’s possible that you might use intimacy, emotional connection, and sex as a way to avoid facing your own reality.

If Neptune is in Your Ninth House

At times when you should consider something with a healthy amount of skepticism, you instead fall for absolutes. When you believe in something, you believe in it entirely. However, you might be oblivious to flaws or inconsistencies within those beliefs as a result. If you’re not careful, you might even become dogmatic about your beliefs.

If Neptune is in Your 10th House

It’s difficult for you to stick to a career path and you might feel confused about what your “calling” may be. You’re given to having the irrational worry that the rest of the world is judging you harshly. This fear of being negatively perceived may cause you to keep an air of mystery surrounding your reputation.

If Neptune is in Your 11th House

You may have trouble establishing boundaries with your group of friends. In fact, you’re capable of inhibiting your personality for the sake of fitting in with your community and it’s easy for you to lose yourself in others. You might not see the people you surround yourself with clearly and your “idea” of them may overwhelm the truth.

If Neptune is in Your 12th House

You’re very easily given to avoiding reality and disappearing into your own little dreamworld. Solitude can become a vice for you if you’re not careful, so beware of self-imposed isolation. Your thoughts and feelings are so powerful that they have the power to subdue the facts. You tend to trust your heart over your mind, even when you should know better.


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