Journal Exercise For Pluto Retrograde

journal exercise

Over the retrograde period, make time to do a journal exercise. This journal exercise works best right after meditation or first thing in the morning when your mind is relaxed.

Step 1:

Choose one of the prompts below and write it at the top of your notebook.

  • “I am most authentically myself when….”
  • “The masks I have been wearing that no longer serves me are….”
  • “Things that help me to raise my consciousness and vibration….”
  • “I don’t feel myself when….”
  • “I want to shed and let go of….”
  • “I am sick of carrying this burden of….”

Step 2:

Set a timer for 20 minutes and begin writing whatever it is that comes to your mind. The idea is to not lift the pen off the paper and to just keep writing, even if you are not addressing the prompt. Just get into the flow of the writing and don’t hold back. Give yourself permission to write whatever comes to your mind in the 20 minutes.

Step 3:

Once the timer is up, sit with whatever has come up for you. Perhaps something flowed out of you that has given you a new understanding or some new wisdom. Just sit with how you are feeling.

Step 4:

Shake out your body, drink a glass of water, and go back and read over what you wrote and highlight anything of importance. You can then start to make changes and adjustments based on what you have written.

Feel free to repeat the exercise during the course of Pluto Retrograde.


This was originally by Forever Conscious.

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