New Moon in Libra October 19 — Luck In The Stars

Libra-New-Moon-On-19-October-2017-—-Luck-In-The-Stars.jpgOn 19 October, Thursday, the new moon will be at 26 degrees Libra. Aligned with two extremely lucky stars, Spica and Arcturus, this moon phase will bring wealth, happiness, and success.

Also linked to Uranus, this moon phase will result in major drastic changes so it is important to be spontaneous and alert to grab the opportunities when they arise.


New Moon Meaning

A new moon signifies the beginning of a new 28-day cycle. A Huge rush of energy is released by Sun conjunct Moon which marks a great chance for a new beginning, like starting a new project, becoming a new you etc.

It’s also a good time to analyze old practices and make plans to be better.

The influence of the New Moon will last for four weeks until November 18 New Moon.

The first two weeks of this cycle is the best time for all those new plans and projects to begin. The moon’s waxing phase will occur from October 19 to November 4 Full Moon.


New Moon October 2017 ∼ Astrology

The astrological significance of zodiac signs was initially gathered from Constellations having the same name. The new moon of October 19 takes place at 26 degrees 35′ in Libra sign.

Alpha Virginis, Spica, is the most significant star in several religions and cultures. It labels the start and end of the Sidereal Zodiac in Vedic astrology.

It might be the reason why the Sphinx has a Maiden’s head and a Lion’s body. According to Robson, the Sun conjunct Spica has really positive and uplifting effects.

Usually portrayed as an ear of wheat in Virgin’s left hand, it is also symbolized as the Seed that sits next to her Womb. It also represents the naval in medical astrology.

According to Morse, Spica being the star of grain harvest; blesses us with material wealth, but he also says that you can read only what you sow!

At 24 degrees 28′ Libra Sign, star Arcturus is closer to the new moon and is also a harbinger of wellbeing and prosperity. But if critically inspected; its good effects might be wrongly damaged.


New Moon October 2017 ∼ Aspects to Uranus

Being critically aspected by Uranus, the new moon this October with Spica and Arcturus has the ability to fulfill all your material needs only if you can easily adapt to its drastic changes.

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This association, as mentioned before, brings forth unexpected events which might be beneficial for you. All you need to do is be patient and flexible. It might make you feel restless and jittery but don’t do anything risky during this time.

You might face restrictions and a strong urge to rebel, there might be obstacles and discomfort, but it is essential to note how you react to the change in your life caused by this new moon.

Try to avoid uncomfortable situations which might cause trouble.


New Moon October 2017 ∼ Aspects to Saturn

Due to the restlessness brought about by Uranus, New moon in Saturn brings forth the much-needed patience and calm. It gives you a peaceful mind to take right decisions and improves relations with people of importance, also gives better work attitude.

A stable effect of Saturn helps balance out the unexpected changes of Uranus, thus providing the required state of mind for taking important decisions and opportunities.

As it nears its third and last exact aspect on November 11, 2017, Saturn trine Uranus is getting stronger. This transition phase brings positive changes and wellness.

Mars quincunx Uranus, however, raises the erratic nature of the new moon, making things riskier. Accidents are a likely occurrence in this time. Be very cautious and careful with every step you take to avoid damage.


New Moon October 2017 ∼ Summary

To sum it up, Uranus’ connection with October 2017 New Moon will result in erratic and sudden changes which might lead to troubles.

Saturn will, therefore, provide a soothing, patient effect to prevent rebellious and impulsive actions. This condition if channeled properly will lead to better opportunities.

Fixed stars Spica and Arcturus are harbingers of well-being and prosperity, which makes this New Moon phase a beneficial one.

One needs to be patient and determined to experience full benefits of the placement of these lucky stars.




Source: consciousreminder


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