The Transit Of Mars In Taurus Happens On Valentine’s Day 2019

mars enters taurus

Get ready to become unstoppable as Mars enters Taurus on February 14 until March 31, 2019.

Mars, the planet of desire, moves into romantic and loyal Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, exactly on Valentine’s day! Romance is all around!

Depending on where Taurus falls in your horoscope, you’ll have tons of stubborn determination at your disposal, to tackle nearly any task during the next six weeks. It’s very hard to convince Mars in Taurus to get moving, but once they do, you’d better step out of the way! Mars in Taurus is like a tank, or a steamroller. There’s just no getting in its way! Unless, that is, you want to risk life and limb.

This is a slow, leisurely energy. But much like the tale of the Hare and the Tortoise, it’s Mars in Taurus that eventually wins the race! No matter how conservative the pace, Mars in Taurus has patience, tenacity and determination. The law of inertia operates here: Mars in Taurus is slow to rouse…but once it gets going there’s no turning back!

Mars in Taurus is a fantastic time to: dynamically tackle financial matters, build physical strength and fitness, and pursue culinary pleasures and all kinds of creature comforts.

If you happen to be a Taurus, get ready to pull your weight around quite a bit in the coming weeks! No more couch potato for you. Mars rules your libido. Read more about what Mars means in your horoscope in Mars through the signs.

Mars in Taurus is all about creature comforts. Time to amass, materialize, monetize and consolidate. This is a slow, leisurely energy. This is an excellent time to pursue money, pleasure and physical strength and fitness. So what does Taurus rule in your horoscope? Where does Mars in Taurus make you stubborn, determined and unstoppable? Check out your star sign to find out.

mars enters taurus


Get ready to crank up your expenses! Mars in your money house is certain to make you spend more for a combination of reasons. You might have visitors, medical bills or finally make those big purchases that you have been considering all this while.

This is also a fabulous time to consolidate your assets and build your investments. If your body needs a once over, it’s the perfect moment to get started. The fact that you’re feeling pretty frisky is an added bonus!


You’re on top form, dear Taurus! You hold all the cards and everyone is going to have to step in line… or else! Power. Initiative. They’re all yours! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! You can now make a difference in your life, pull out all the stops and make major progress on all fronts.

Want to start a fitness program? Do it now! Want to set up your business, showcase your work, tackle a difficult job or ask someone out? The ball is in your court! You have a once every two-year opportunity to get the ball rolling on any and all fronts of your life!

Try not to bully others with your super-strength. Act with decorum and avoid arguments. This is also a great time to address unfinished business, once and for all!


Do you have a spiritual practice, Gemini? Maybe it’s time you develop one. It doesn’t have to involve church, magic robes or incense sticks. A daily walk in the park all by yourself, with no one to distract you, listening to your thoughts, meditating is enough. So is experimenting with the Kama Sutra.

Just take some time out from your busy schedule to plug yourself in. You’ll be glad for it once Mars moves into your sign, April 21st. You could also be involved in intense preparations for some big reveal. Watch out for those – inner or outer demons – that tend to undermine your efforts.


Cancer loves money and material security. Not because Cancer is materialistic. Simply because you love to feel safe and be able to care for your family. Fabulous then that Mars in Taurus brings you a time of intense socializing with those who can offer visibility, pleasure, stability and financial gain.

It’s time to power-network. This can help your career really take off! If you’re involved in a club or society, something’s going on that will need your involvement.


Your career is taking off! Mars in Taurus turbo-charges you to reach for the top and spruce up your public image. Is your website a bit blah? Time to target it better! It’s a good time for a marketing campaign. Have you been feeling a little lost professionally of late?

You now regain your sense of dynamism and purpose. Your actions have high visibility now, so make them count! You’re the one in charge of your own destiny. Nobody else. Show them what you’re made of!


The high and mighty university halls are calling to you. Or maybe it’s the high-ceiling courtrooms, the promise of fans with your own YouTube channel or an exotic lush location on some island far far away. Whatever it is, you want to escape the humdrum.

This is no time to stick to the daily grind. You’ll get away, come what may! Travel is more likely to find you hiking than lounging by the beach now, so pack sports gear. Get ready to be super busy if you work in marketing or publishing. Your faith can move mountains right now!


This is a potent, transformative time for you. The vehicle for this might be a relationship crisis, a financial crisis or an operation to improve your health. Either way, you’re probably operating on high intensity, fighting for your survival.

Firing on all cylinders is no bad thing. Challenges can bring you closer together with your partner. You can fight to secure a loan or earn a commission. And you can strengthen your body’s defenses. All good things.


Taurus is your opposite sign and Mars there puts someone else in charge. Not you. It’s others who pull the strings right now, for good or bad. The ball is in their court. You’re better off simply following their lead. This could be a business partner or an agent that you rely on, your spouse, who needs you to march to their tune, or a competitor that sets the pace.

You’re motivated to partner up, compete and cooperate with others now and that’s no bad thing. It can bring out the best in you.


Mars in Taurus can be tiring and grind you to the ground. You’re enthusiastic and adventurous by nature. Mars in Taurus is not. It needs to be sure the venture will succeed before it will even lift a finger. That’s your job now. Work hard. Cross your t’s and dot your i’s.

This is a good time to work on the nitty-gritty of a creative project. And if you’ve just moved in with your sweetheart, living together may be a bit of a challenge. Don’t argue. Persist. That’s Mars in Taurus’ modus operandi. Oh, and watch your health.


Now we’re talking. Has it been a little blah with your sweetheart of late? Spice it up! And if you’re single, worry not: you ooze such appeal right now that few would be able to resist! Go out and enjoy yourself more, pursue love and romance or throw yourself into your hobbies.

Yes, happiness can be an end in itself! This is a once in a two-year opportunity to let your hair down and follow your heart.Children are another goodie here and if you’ve been wishing for some it’s time to get to work. This is a super-creative period, when you have universal licence to pursue your heart’s desires. Make it happen!


You’re quite a sociable sign but the next six weeks are all about home and hearth. You’ll feel more motivated to clear through junk, make house repairs, cook scrumptious meals for the family and host dinner parties. More arguments around the house are also a possibility, so try to channel your formidable energies constructively. A real-estate deal that’s been dragging its feet can now reach the finish line.


Your boredom threshold has got ridiculously low, dear Pisces, and you simply must find interesting distractions. Get ready for lots of movement and travel! Have you been meaning to book that trip or spend your weekends exploring the countryside?

You’re all fired up! Go for it! Or you might take an evening course. You’re eager to meet new people, chat and beat the boredom. The one danger is too much movement, gossip, telephone calls and stress. Pace yourself and save on petrol.


This article was originally published by Mystical Raven.


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