Mars Moves Into Pisces And We Have Your Horoscope For This AWESOME Shift

Mars entered the creative and free-flowing sign of Pisces only a couple days ago, so you are probably feeling some serious changes in your life already.


Mars in Pisces is indirect action. It’s drifting rather than pushing. Allowing rather than initiating. You cannot force anything in Pisces, so Mars can be a bit uncomfortable here. But it’s also a nice way to end the year – things will happen as they’re meant to, and all you have to do is be open to that. Do what you can, and let the rest take care of itself. There may be a release as the tension of the past few months dissolves. Sometimes the most you can “do” is let go.


Mars in Pisces (your actions) creates ripples, but you will have minimal control over what they’ll hit. The best you can do is ensure that your initial motivations and intentions are healthy. This also means taking care of yourself, because when Pisces is activated there is an increased risk for vulnerability. Mars in Pisces can drift down some questionable paths.


Pisces is an adaptable, emotional water sign, and the most psychic and spiritual one in the zodiac, co-ruled by generous Jupiter and mystical Neptune. This is the sign of dreams, imagination, and empathy. Pisces has a chameleon soul, always changing and shifting their mood, while remaining emotionally wide-open–their famous sensitivity and vagueness stems from this. As a result, this sign is filled to the brim with compassion and is the zodiac’s martyr archetype, generous and willing to give up everything to help others and connect on a deeply emotional and spiritual level.

Your intuition and emotional competence expand with Pisces’ psychic nature being supercharged by Mars, and you’re more motivated by Piscean grace and kindness. Pisces lives in a fairytale world, and Mars’ energy helps you get in touch with your own dreams, chase them down, and make them a reality! The heightened sensitivity of this time opens the door to truly becoming emotionally entangled with your loved ones and getting to know others on a more intimate level.


Here is your horoscope for this powerful transit:


You’re very Martian in nature—direct, assertive, and bold. As a cardinal fire sign, you’re motivated to achieve your personal goals and stop at nothing to get what you want. Pisces is different—a team player that can’t decide what it wants for itself.

Chasing your individual dreams won’t be very productive for you right now, unless your peers and friends have similar goals. This is all about teamwork and working your ass off for the wellbeing of others.

Don’t expect to be recognized for your contributions, either—if you’re on a team just to further your own agenda, you aren’t really being selfless, are you? Push your ego to the side and bite your tongue for now. Your contributions to the cause will bring you rewards in due time.







Dreams of the future fill your mind for the duration of Mars in Pisces. At the same time, the dreams of your peers become more and more apparent throughout the next several weeks. Turns out, all of your goals are aligned! Teamwork makes the dream work, Taurus. You prefer to work alone and do things your way or not at all, no matter how long it takes.

But have you ever considered how much greater the rewards will be when you have the whole squad working towards the same goals? This isn’t the time to let someone else be the boss—right now, you’re the head honcho and can develop serious leadership skills and grow closer with your network.








In your chart, Mars in Pisces is supercharging the zone of career, success, and public image. You have thoughts running through your brain at a million miles a minute, and the dreamy Piscean energy now helps you come up with even bigger goals. With all of these bright ideas, it’s hard to pick just one, but if you can pick a single goal and aim high, you’re likely to find success.

At its best, Mars in Pisces gives you a serious boost in energy, and your motivation is at an all time high! At its worst, your personal goals and need to achieve override everything else and you clash with your coworkers and superiors. This astro-forecast can make or break your reputation because every step you take towards your goals is noticed by everyone (especially authority figures), for better or for worse.








As assertive Mars enters Pisces, you can expect to feel more motivated, creative, and eager than usual. This increases your need to live life to the fullest and amplifies your appetite for knowledge and adventure. You’re eager to connect and learn from others, and teach them by sharing your experiences, and anything that can broaden your horizons is very appealing now.

You may want to travel if possible, because if you do it promises to be an eye-opening experience that teaches you a lot about yourself and others. Enjoy the boost in confidence, but make sure that you don’t come off as cocky or over-the-top.







Mars was in Aquarius for several months, turning back and forth with its retrograde cycle, and creating a whirlwind of trouble in your chart’s relationship zone. If you’re in a seriously committed partnership, the energy between you and your S.O. is amplified even more now. The good moments are great (especially in bed—Mars in Pisces does wonders for your libido) but the bad moments are intensified as well.

Mars wants to instigate a transformation of some sort in this part of your chart. If your love life is looking up, you can enjoy a few weeks of hotter intimacy, more intimate interactions, and create a more all-encompassing familiarity with bae. If you’re skating on thin ice, tread lightly to avoid any upsets, because they tend to be explosive now! At the end of the year, the relationship is completely transformed.







For months, Mars in Aquarius has been generating frustration and stress in your work life. You’ll be happy to hear that work life will slow down now, and any pesky tension headaches clear up soon, too! Your chart’s relationships zone is activated by Mars now, which means your one-on-one interactions are subject to the red planet’s high-energy vibes and assertive nature.

You naturally tend to bend over backwards for people, and because of that, can be taken advantage of sometimes. With Mars in Pisces, speaking up isn’t hard at all, and you can use this energy to reclaim your power in any unequal relationships. With balanced relationships, Mars is pouring tons of enthusiasm into you and your partner, allowing you to build deeper connections and work as a team!




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