Mars Moves Into Pisces And We Have Your Horoscope For This AWESOME Shift

Mars Moves Into Pisces And We Have Your Horoscope For This AWESOME Shift


You got lucky with Mars this year! The red planet was in Aquarius, in your chart’s zone of recreation, romance, and intimacy, for over half the year, and your libido, creativity, and stamina has been on a roll! The pleasure and excitement that Mars has been blasting into your life isn’t necessarily going to subside with Mars in Pisces, but Mars is now in your chart’s zone of work life, pouring its aggressive nature into your job and daily routine. Responsibilities are piling on now, and coworkers creating difficulties might deplete your time and energy as well.

If you’re not constantly kept busy, you should find a physical outlet for this energy, because Mars is also in your chart’s sector of physical health and wellbeing. If you aren’t being productive at the job site or with your health, this energy easily comes out as nervous tics, muscle tension, or other stress-related health issues.







You don’t like to express your feelings, but with Mars in Pisces, you’re inspired to do just the opposite. The emotional abundance of this astrology helps you open up and be more flexible and earnest with your feelings, and honor the mutable characteristics of fellow water sign Pisces.

Your chart’s zone of passion, romance, and fun is also being jolted to life by Mars, after months of the red planet stirring up energy and stress in your home and family life. If you’re artistic at all, your creativity is flowing stronger than ever now, and you can put out some seriously astounding pieces of art. There’s a lot of physical energy coming from Mars, too, and your stamina is never-ending. A lot of freedom comes with this Mars phase, and the world is your oyster!







After what was likely the busiest year in recent memory, Mars finally leaves busybody Aquarius and slides into Pisces. In your chart, this is the zone of your home life and family affairs. With the aggressive and emotional nature of Mars in Pisces, watch out for arguments breaking out with the fam or your roommates. This is especially true from now until December 6, because Mercury retrograde happens in your sign! The positive side of Mars in Pisces is that your life circumstances arrange themselves in a way that you can focus on your life at home before anything else. Redecorating, moving house, or just planning events with friends or family at your home are great ways to channel Mars’ power here.

This part of your chart also has to do with your past and subconscious mind. Any mysterious habits or impulses make themselves known now, and if you aren’t conscientious, it’s easy to act inappropriately as these past issues are stimulated. Don’t get irritated over drama that ended long ago—use this relatively quiet time to meditate and reconcile these inner issues, and lay low.







The most action-packed planet is entering the busiest section of your chart now, so pick up the pace! The tempo of your day-to-day is climbing higher and higher for the next few weeks, and you have to move full steam ahead. You’re quite the chatterbox with this influence, because life circumstances compel you to require far more mental activity than usual now. Communicating, learning, teaching, texting, emailing, and traveling are on the agenda.

Your schedule is full and there’s always someone else to get in touch with, one more task to complete, one… more… thing… Mars’ energy is explosive and no matter where it is on your chart, it promises to get sh*t done. Here in Pisces, you run the risk of spreading yourself too thin and worrying over too many small tasks as opposed to working on one substantial accomplishment. Figure out what you can do in your everyday life to achieve your goals and focus this abundant energy into that!









This emotional whirlpool isn’t something you’re at all familiar with. You’re intellectual, logical, and are able to detach from your feelings, but with Pisces being the most emotional sign, any planetary action happening here compels you to get more attuned with your inner side and your feelings. In your chart, Mars is now highlighting your possessions, finances, and values. Aggressively working towards earning more coins is a benefit of the next several weeks, but you run the risk of hoarding and being miserly or selfish.

There’s also the possibility of become too emotionally attached to your possessions, or using money and your belongings to compensate for the lack of emotional intimacy in other areas of your life. Learning to share and be more generous with others is a great way to take advantage of this energy. You become more emotionally competent and open to others, which is never a bad thing!







After over half the year of Mars, the planet of action and aggression, in your chart’s zone of surrender, isolation, and the unconscious mind, it’s finally in your sign! You’ve been waiting for months to be noticed for what you’re contributing with no luck. Any attempts to push your own agenda haven’t shown much success the entire time Mars was in Aquarius, but now that you’re the star of the show, you can express yourself and assert your ego without a problem!

Everyone is operating on a similar frequency as you, living life ruled by the heart and subjective experiences, and the general sense of empathy and compassion you embody is felt by everyone else now, too. For the next few weeks, Mars is lighting a fire under your butt to move, work, play, and express yourself unapologetically.




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