May 13, 2019 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs Because Destiny Is Calling

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No matter what may be going on in your life, the universe is bursting with color and radiating the softest and most graceful beauty. Taurus season is well underway, encouraging you to nurture yourself, engage in self-care, and enjoy the world through your five senses.

Now, Venus — planet of love and luxury — has also entered Taurus, scattering rose petals across your love life and enshrining your bank account with gold. It simply makes too much sense that starting May 13, 2019, this will be the best week for these zodiac signs.

The cosmos are dancing together and earth signs are being loved and adored. If your rising sign or sun sign is in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you’re in the midst of an empowering and exciting time.

As of this week, May 13, the sun has formed a strengthening trine with both Saturn — planet of karma and long-term goals — as well as Pluto, planet of creation and destruction. Since both Saturn and Pluto are retrograde, you’re experiencing an immense metamorphosis from within.

Remaining stagnant is no longer an option. You’re feeling restless and inspired to change yourself for the better, but you have the wherewithal to create lasting improvements.

With a full moon in Scorpio supported by both spiritual Neptune and the guiding light that is the north node, your life path is being illuminated. Follow the light. You’re learning what your true purpose may be.

Taurus: You’re Inspired To Express Yourself and Be Free

You’re really feeling yourself, Taurus, and it has everything to do with the fact that the sun, Venus, and Mercury are in your first house of the self. You’re in tune with your talents and strengths, which is only increasing your confidence.

When Venus forms a conjunction with Uranus — planet of rebellion and change — on May 18, you’ll crave freedom and feel liberated from former perspectives.

This full moon will shine magic across all your social sectors, bringing you closer to people who inspire you and bring you positive opportunities. Let go of relationships that have grown stale or held you back. Pay close attention to the people who pop up in your world with beauty to share.

Virgo: Creativity and Adventure are Swirling Through Your Journey

Adventure and philosophical pursuits are on your mind now that the sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in your ninth house of higher learning and spiritual expansion. Break free from your inhibiting mindsets and travel down a path less taken. Uranus — planet of freedom — joins Venus on May 18, causing your desire for something “different” to spike.

As of May 13, the sun is forming a trine with both committed Saturn and truth-seeking Pluto, which are both in your fifth house of fun and pleasure. You’re experiencing a creative resurgence and learning how to sprinkle magic and spontaneity into the hard work. You want to feel proud of yourself so you can enjoy yourself.

Capricorn: You’re Building Towards Something Beautiful

You’re in the midst of an incredibly fun and joyful time. Romance is swirling through your life and passion playfully grips you. With the sun, Venus, and Mercury in your fifth house of creative expression, you’re in the mood to let loose and let colorful opportunities find you.

When Venus and unconventional Uranus mesh their energies on May 18, inspiration may strike you when you least expect it.

With Saturn and Pluto moving through your first house of the self as they continue through retrograde, you’re growing as a person and feeling introspective about your identity and purpose. As of May 13, both planets will be trine the sun, revealing a side to you that is more colorful than you thought. Keep an open mind about who you are.


This was originally published by Elite Daily


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