Horoscope May 2017: What is May Bringing For Each Zodiac Sign


This is what the month of  May is expected to bring for each zodiac sign:

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Aries: The month of pruning.

A great selection period, during which you will cut unhealthy bonds, those who imprison you with invisible chains to emotionally restrictive situations. It means relationships that do not work well, could cross a moment of crisis, even a possible break, albeit temporary.

From your side you will have a bright, shiny mind, able to make the point of the situation in every aspect and sector of life. It’s the month you decide what to keep with you and what not.


Taurus: Start a diet.

This is the month you feel in tune, the time when you usually fall in love, passionate about something, regenerate yourself, and consequently become more beautiful. You are the sign that in spring blooms in all its beauty. You will want to feel good, be fit and then you will decide to lighten it both physically and emotionally.

You will drop any blocking emotion and unhealthy habits that you have been wearing for a long time. You will take a new shape, corresponding to your new attitude and behavior. You are, however, vane and therefore if you have to learn to be in the midst of others, it is right to cure the image and make you notice for the beauty you possess.


Gemini: The beginning of a new cycle.

Play for a new adventure, scheduled for a long time but until a few weeks ago it was hindered by other situations that prevented it. After finally fixing what was to be done, you are now ready to start the adventure. A good confidence will help you in your programs, the love you put into the project will be your winning weapon.

You will feel the need to stabilize yourself, to find your true place in the world, and you know what the good news is? You will succeed. There will not be roses and flowers every day, but you will have the strength to go step by step and to improve what has become problematic.


Cancer:  Reflections.

A period of strong reflection that leaves you out of the world for a while, allowing you to put thoughts, ideas and even relationships into order. I think it is the month that most can be perceived as difficult, during which every move that you do could explode the reaction of those around you.

In this situation, if you do not find trust in you and do not find joy in what you do, you may be overwhelmed by the storm. Find the strength inside you, look for stability in your abilities. The password is to endure until the end, because the thunderstorms pass.

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